Global Trends: Rocky Ride Ahead for Investors, Warns Time Investments

Gold bullion has been on an upward curve for the last couple of months, which is often an indicator that the wealthy are heading for shelter when it comes to investments. But what lies ahead for stocks and shares? Here’s some news from Time Investments.

Just under half (45%) of advisers predict worsening volatility over the next 12 months, according to new research conducted by TIME Investments, the long income property and IHT planning specialist.

When asked what they think will happen to volatility in different asset classes, advisers said that they expected equities volatility to worsen over the next twelve months, with European equities cited as the most volatile for 55% of advisers, followed by UK equities (48%).  Corporate bonds and US equities volatility were also predicted to worsen at 42% and 31% respectively.

Concerns over volatility and increasing risk are also reflected in the sentiment observed amongst advisers’ clients, with half (49%) very nervous of investing in equities or keen to de-risk their investment portfolios.  When considering lower-risk investments, 42% of advisers are recommending cash, followed by long income property (26%), alternative investments (25%), bonds (25%), real assets (23%) and structured products (22%).

Henny Dovland of TIME Investments comments: “It is likely that market volatility is here to stay for some time.  This is having an impact on investor sentiment and attitudes to risk. As a result, advisers are recommending investments with features such as defensive investment strategies and secure income streams, which are less volatile and aim to provide greater certainty of income than equities.”

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Greater certainty of income – long income property

Long income property provides greater certainty of income, therefore reducing volatility. Within long income property, there are a couple of main classifications: long leases and ground rents (very long leases). The combination of long leases and ground rents serves to optimise the performance and mitigate risk at the portfolio level.

TIME:Commercial Long Income targets a stable income and capital growth.  The daily-dealt fund,now in its fifth year, has seen its assets under management grow to over £275 million.  This growth has been driven by investors increasingly looking for a long-term investment which provides steady income.

Its sister fund, TIME:Social Long Income, the £60 million open-ended social infrastructure fund seeks to offer investors consistent income from long rental income streams typically linked to inflation, whilst creating a positive impact on society.

The daily-dealt fund targets a stable income plus some capital growth. The fund invests in a portfolio of social infrastructure assets, including supported living accommodation (for those with a physical or learning disability), assisted living accommodation (for the elderly) and education facilities such as day care nurseries.

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