Brexit: Research Suggests Stockpiling is Declining – Few Believe We’re Leaving

New research reveals the rate at which UK businesses and households are stockpiling goods in preparation for Brexit has fallen, as it has adversely affected cash flows and household incomes.

The findings, which are from Premium Credit, the UK’s leading premium finance company, reveal that 48% of people in work claim their employers stockpiled goods before the March 31st deadline for the UK to leave the EU, but since then half of these businesses have started to run down their stockpiled goods, and only 25% said they had maintained their stockpile levels.  This is partly explained by the fact that 77% of them said their company cash flow had been negatively affected by their stockpiling – one in four (25%) said it had had a ‘very negative impact’.

In terms of households stockpiling, the findings show one in five adults had stockpiled goods before the March 31stdeadline, but 27% said they have now used all of these up, with a further 51% saying they have used up some of these goods.

Premium Credit’s research reveals that 8% of people who have stockpiled goods for Brexit – over 800,000 people, each spent over £1,000 doing this.

Adam Morghem, Strategy and Marketing Director at Premium Credit said: “The level of stockpiling by British businesses and households is well documented, but there has been little focus on the impact this has had on cashflow, which has been quite negative.  This is no doubt forcing many of those who have stockpiled to start using these goods.

“Interestingly, over the past three months we have seen an increase in clients looking to use premium finance to pay for their insurance, and we believe a key factor behind this is the impact of stockpiling on cash flows forcing more businesses and households to spread to the cost of their insurance.

“Businesses should also check with their brokers to make sure their stockpiled goods are properly insured.”

In terms of stockpiling goods between now and the new Brexit deadline of 31st October, just 34% of employees believe their companies are currently doing this, and just 10% of people say they are currently stockpiling new goods.

Premium Credit is the market leader in the UK and Ireland and the only premium finance provider accredited by BIBA.

Insurance Edge Comment:

Whatever Boris may say in public, the fact is that many wealthy individuals, politicians of all parties, the EU Commissioners/Politburo, big banks, large corporations and other actors are all determined to make sure that the UK never leaves the European Union. In short, there’s too much money at stake for the wealthy elite to allow Brexit and that is why it will never happen.

Our advice is don’t bother stockpiling anything except candles and batteries for the power cuts. Those are nothing to do with Brexit of course, just a lack of power stations as the UK rushes towards the mass marketing of electric vehicles. Different cock-up altogether…

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