Envista Forensics Expands Cyber Security Offer

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Envista Forensics, a global forensic engineering firm, announced the expansion of their cyber security services to include ransomware investigation and resolution.

“Our cyber experts are highly experienced and many come from all walks of life, from private sector, to government and public sector. They understand what business interruption can do to an organization, and how speed of recovery can make a big difference,” said Jason Bergerson, Director, Digital Forensics. “We are excited to say that we now have the right foundation in place to be able to let these experts do what they do best.”

A ransomware attack involves a cyber criminal encrypting a user or organization’s computer systems. They block the user from accessing their own data in an effort to extort money. Until the victim provides payment, usually in the form of cryptocurrency, they remain locked out of their systems.

Removing ransomware is a multi-stage process. It requires skilled expertise and the right tools for the recovery to be successful. Bad actors can access company books and uncover how much money that company has, and use that as ammunition when creating the ransom.

“Many firms outsource certain parts of this process, and that’s not what we wanted to do. We waited until we were able to launch this exactly how we envisioned for our clients, and that included one of the most important pieces of the puzzle—brokering a resolution,” said Bob Wedoff, President. “We uncover what happened, work to minimize the financial exposure, and get our client’s data back quickly.”

For many companies, the fear of this happening is very real. When cyber crimes occur, cyber policies, like many other forms of insurance, need certain questions answered in order to provide payment to the policyholder. That’s where forensic investigation can come into play. Experts can help solve what happened, and also why it happened.

Envista’s services include:

  • Project management of the entire event from the initial investigation, to resolution and decryption—all in-house.
  • 24/7 emergency services to handle any incident or amount.
  • Verify validity of decryption key provided by the cybercriminal.
  • Provide cyber breach services, if needed, in conjunction with the ransomware event.
  • Assist with data restoration.

For more information on Envista’s ransomware services, visit their website.

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