Travel Insurance: Air Doctor Raises $3m Seed Funding

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As we all know Airbnb has turned the bed and breakfast market on its head, by giving consumers the power to book city break accom online within seconds, while property owners don’t have to spend a fortune on building an e-commerce website, marketing, answering speculative phone calls etc. It’s a business model which potentially extends into insurance too. Here’s the latest from Air Doctor;
Air Doctor (, an innovative travel insurance technology leader, is connecting travellers with qualified local doctors while managing the insurance provider’s processing and payments. Raising seed funding of $3.1 million, led by Kamet, their new approach reduces overhead while increasing customer satisfaction.
Air Doctor partners and negotiates terms with physicians around the globe, freeing insurance providers from the tedious task of negotiating hundreds of contracts. The fully automated process allows patients to independently book an appointment with a general practitioner or specialist, receiving care in a local office or the patient’s hotel room. The full claim process is cash-free, handled through a provided mobile application, or backend integration.

The customizable application enables providers to use their own logo and to show a suite of relevant services. Insurance companies no longer need to collect receipts and reimburse patients with this cash-free service.

“By focusing on patient care, we have been able to reduce the cost per claim by an average of 60% thanks to accessibility to private office visits which cost significantly less than a hospital Emergency Room visit.” Said Yuval Zimerman, Director of Marketing & Global Partnerships at of Air Doctor. “Patients feel confident accessing a global network of reputable doctors who may treat patients in their private offices, in a language they understand.”

Paperwork, communication, and payment confusion are costly incidents for insurance companies who have no formal ties to the local healthcare providers. Air Doctor is organizing this process, helping providers manage expenses while saving the patient from feeling isolated and confused while abroad.

With a successful cooperative service in operation with one of Israel’s largest travel insurance providers, The Phoenix, Air Doctor has significantly reduced department overhead. Handling agreements and pre-negotiating fixed prices with physicians around the globe is only part of what makes their service practical. Taking ownership and managing a streamlined approval process on behalf of insurance companies is what allows these providers to profit from these new revenue streams.

“We are proud to provide this new boosted revenue stream with a seamless experience which connects insurers, doctors, and patients. We are seeing a new era of traveler healthcare, shifting from overwhelming, expensive hospital visits to excellent low-cost community care,” Added Zimerman. “Insurance providers now have access to a global network of doctors who stand ready to accept international patients. It is a win-win that has helped providers to have a positive impact on patient care.”

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