Road Safety: Are Fridays in December Really the Riskiest Days to Travel?

It is one of the ancient sayings of the Christmas season; never drive on Fridays in December, as the traffic is absolute bedlam, but is it true? Admiral has published some research to highlight the worst days for drivers in December;

Car insurance specialist Admiral is warning motorists to be extra alert as peak car crash season is almost here. Analysis of its own accident claims data from the last 7 years reveals 6 of the 10 worst days for collisions occur in the first half of December.

The worst day for crashes in the lead up to Christmas is 5 December, (Thursday this week) which has the second highest number of accidents of any date in the calendar. But when looking at the 10 dates of the year with the highest number of collisions, it’s not the only day at the beginning of December to make the list, as 5 others make the top 10.

Overall December is a month of two halves though, as Admiral’s research also shows 6 of the 10 quietest dates of the year for crashes are in the second half of the month. Over the last 7 years, the insurer has seen twice as many accidents happen on the 6 busiest days of December than on the 6 quietest days.

The 1st December is a risky day, says Admiral, with today (4th), the 14th and 15th also featuring very high on the list. The reason is probably Christmas shopping trips, plus a spike in online delivery orders as people realise that time is running out to get things delivered, wrapped and then delivered to relatives or friends by the 25th.

Interestingly, although Christmas Day itself is a quiet one for accidents, Glasgow is top location when it comes to bumps, with Enfield near London in second spot. The reason for Christmas Day crashes tends to be a driver changing lanes suddenly, or hitting a parked car.



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