Driveway Parking Surges – But Does Your House Insurance Cover It?

A festive combination of Christmas shopping, New Year sales and winter getaways from airports make parking on a rented driveway more popular at this time of year than at any other time.

According to online parking portal it will see a 35 per cent surge in bookings over the busy Christmas period with motorists opting to park their cars on a rented driveway near shops and airports rather than at a traditional car park.

Meanwhile, visitors to Christmas markets and attractions also have the chance to save money by booking a driveway or empty space rather than opting for a traditional car park.

But owners of properties with substantial driveways should check their insurance very carefully, as once you venture down the commercial route of charging for space, you really need public liability cover, plus more specialised risk assessment as regards having the general public parking next to your house, garage, other cars, garden furniture etc.

In winter weather should you try to clear your drive of snow and ice, or leave it alone? If someone parks, then falls over walking down the drive they may have grounds to sue you for compensation, loss of holiday, earnings etc. Driveway rentals aren’t a risk free handy little side-hustle for home owners – or renters. In fact, if you rent then you’ll find that your landlord forbids any sub-letting.

Obviously there’s an increased burglary risk once you invite strangers to search your property online for parking availability too. So think carefully before posting pictures, especially when location services are switched on your mobile.

Get specialist advice from a broker who offers cover for small businesses and sole traders is our recommendation at IE.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “Parking on a rented driveway, many situated in town and city centres near the shops and Christmas markets, can offer a cheap and convenient alternative to traditional car parks.

“In fact, we traditionally see a surge in bookings at this time of year from motorists looking to save money.

“It’s also a great opportunity for homeowners to list their driveway for rent and make some extra money at a time of year when purse strings can be tight.”

For more information about, or to rent a driveway while Christmas shopping, bagging a bargain in the New Year sales, visiting a Christmas market, or near an airport if jetting away, visit

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