Van Insurance: Tiny Parking Spaces Put The Squeeze on White Van Man

A study by Vanarama found that drivers of the six most popular van risk fines of £50 every time they park due to the average parking space being too small for their vehicle.

Vanarama compared the dimensions of 2019’s six most registered commercial vehicles (Jan – Nov) to that of the average parking space 2.4m x 4.8m. Even the smallest variant of each vehicle, which is commonly the “L1” versions with the shorter wheelbase, will not fit into the average parking space. Width doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue, with five of the six vehicles managing to squeeze both sides into the spot.

The problem only becomes more pronounced should you opt for one of the larger variants of each model, with the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter being the most obvious examples. The 4.8m length of the average parking space is eclipsed when compared to the length of the L4 Transit (6.7m) and L4 Sprinter (7.4m) versions.

Vanarama’s parking crisis facts

  • The UK’s parking crisis is costing the economy £76.2 billion every year
  • Van drivers spend 6.99 billion hours a year looking for a parking space
  • The UK’s 6 most popular vans can’t fit in the average UK parking space
  • UK high streets are failing van drivers by providing inadequate parking

As more goods are sold online, rather than bought in person on UK High Streets, and UK supermarkets offering home delivery, the problem of parking spaces for delivery vehicles, whether they’re electric, hybrid or old fashioned diesel, is a pressing one. People want things delivered in particular time slots, but often the job is being delayed and fuel wasted as there are very few short-term free parking bays available.

Van drivers spend 6.99 billion hours a year looking for a parking space

Vanarama have uncovered that UK van drivers spend 6.99 billion hours every year looking for a parking space.

Their research reveals that 1 in 5 van drivers are expected to deliver over 150 parcels a day. However, thanks to the UK’s parking crisis Vanarama’s research shows that the country’s 3.254 million van drivers are spending an average of 1 hour 40 minutes searching for parking each day, that’s 6.99 billion hours every year. This is costing the UK economy £76.2 billion every year in lost time and revenue.

Vanarama’s research shows that it takes 16% of van drivers, the equivalent of 520,540 drivers in the UK, over 20 minutes to find a parking space.

Insurance Edge thinks there’s  simple solution; 10m long X 3m wide delivery only spaces on High Streets and business/retail parks, similar to taxi ranks. 30 mins max waiting time, non-delivery cars ticketed by wardens/cctv cameras – you could even put an electric vehicle rapid charging device in there while the job is being done. You’re welcome.

Key findings

  • 520,000 UK van drivers typically spend over 20 minutes looking for a parking space for each delivery they make.
  • One in five drivers faces a gruelling shift of delivering over 150 parcels per day as they struggle to find a place to park.
  • The average delivery driver spends 1 hour and 40 minutes searching for parking every day.
  • Lack of parking for commercial vehicles is costing the UK economy £76.2 billion per year as drivers spend time searching for spaces.
  • Drivers of the 6 most popular vans risk fines of £50 every time they park, due to parking spaces being too small.
  • Many popular high streets around the country suffer from a lack of parking for commercial vehicle drivers, covering less than 1% of the total area.
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