Which Are The Most Stolen Mobile Phones? so-sure Has Answers

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The Office for National Statistics last week revealed that over 329,000 people had their mobile phone stolen in 2018-2019; a 9.9% decrease from the previous year. To coincide with the ONS data, so-sure have released exclusive claim data to reveal the most stolen phones of 2019, with three different iPhone models topping the theft charts followed by popular android Samsung devices:

  1. iPhone X
  2. iPhone XS
  3. iPhone 7
  4. Samsung S8
  5. Samsung S9

With so-sure reporting an average claim value of between £500 and £1000, the total value of lost phones in the last year is estimated to be around £246,750,000 and they estimate around 1,222 handsets are stolen every day! 

So-sures insurance claim data also points to London being the biggest hotspot for phone theft, followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Liverpool. ONS Data shows that women are more likely to have their mobile phone stolen, with roughly 180,000 of the reported thefts compared to 150,000 from men.

With mobiles now containing practically all our personal data – from bank details to social media passwords, sensitive emails to saucy selfies – and costing more than ever before, theft can be emotionally and financially devastating.

Dylan Bourguignon, CEO of so-sure, commented on the new figures:

‘These figures show that although the number of phone thefts is falling, it’s still a real danger. While most phone manufacturers now build remote tracking and data-wiping software into their handsets, that doesn’t minimise the risk of your phone being stolen in the first place.

‘With the most popular handsets like the iPhone 11 Pro costing over £1,000 and repairing a cracked screen costing as much as £300, it’s essential that phone owners always stay conscious of phone safety.

‘Investing in phone insurance can help to cover the costs of replacing your handset if it is stolen, but you should still back up your data regularly and make sure you have a lock screen passcode, just in case. It’s also always worth checking that your insurer delivers on fast claims payouts.’

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