Signal Iduna Launches Cyber Cover – Guess What Sergei? It’s Automated!

From cyberbullying to identity theft and hacker attacks – the Internet poses many dangers, as anyone who has ventured onto Plenty of Fish knows very well. Joking aside, many people are victims of online crime, data hacking, or can lose their jobs and suffer mental health issues from sustained attacks via social media. Whether you run a medium sized company, or are simply a professional person with much to lose from reputational damage, it makes sense to consider cyber insurance these days.

That is why SIGNAL IDUNA has now added two optionally lockable cyber modules to its private liability and household contents insurance. The two product lines; “Cyber ​​PHV” (liability) and “Cyber ​​VHV” (household items) complement each other in their range of services. Plus they include the services of “ROLAND WebSecure”, with ROLAND being a partner of SIGNAL IDUNA for many years.

Quick help with cyber crimes

Both cyber modules offer, among other things, a kind of online radar, says SIGNAL IDUNA: basically the application continuously searches the Internet to check whether sensitive data such as account details or credit card numbers are accessible or being traded. To do this, customers log on to a portal and enter the data that is important to them. If the radar finds indications of misuse, the information is automatically sent to the customer by email.

In the case of say cyberbullying, those affected can get help when dealing with reputation-damaging or defamatory content on social media channels. This is deleted and posters are warned by external service providers and lawyers. For victims of bullying, in addition to legal advice over the telephone, initial psychological counseling by a selected network of psychologists is one of the services provided by the cyber building blocks.

In addition, each cyber building block contains its own services. In the case of “Cyber ​​PHV”, for example, damage due to personal and copyright violations is also insured. “Cyber ​​VHV” provides insurance protection for fraud involving online sales contracts and damage due to data theft or malware.

“In addition to many advantages, increasing digitalization also harbors risks. The solution is modern, high-performance insurance protection – this is not only sensible, but indispensable, ”says Dr. Andreas Reinhold, Head of Property Liability Underwriting at SIGNAL IDUNA. 

Frank Feist, CEO of ROLAND Schutzbrief, adds: “Despite all its advantages, digitization also demands increasing protection against the dangers posed by the Internet. SIGNAL IDUNA customers can rely on ROLAND Schutzbrief’s quick help

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