Survey Finds That Modifying Your Car Can Cost 153% Extra in Insurance

Rivervale Leasing have investigated insurance prices of the UK’s 10 best selling cars to see just how much premiums increase if owners decide to jazz up their hot hatch with a few choice accessories. The 10 most common aftermarket car mods were analysed to find out exactly how they affect insurance costs. The findings show that modifications can increase the average car insurance policy 81% and some can void your insurance altogether.

Rivervale do modifications increase car insurance

Tuning your engine is bound to cost you more in car insurance, and Rivervale research found that engine mods are the most expensive, increasing policies by an average of 153%. That means if your policy was £500 a year, you would actually pay £1,265. Interestingly adding air con can increase your premium by 26%, which is odd because you’d think that staying cool during summer heatwaves would actually improve driver attention span and reaction times.

Whilst many mainstream car insurance brands shy away from modified cars, even those that simply have a new set of alloy wheels and a new stereo system, there are specialist brokers who will cover your blingtastic VW Golf or lowered BMW 3 Series. Sky Insurance believes that those owners who spend 5K or more on modifying their cars actually look after them, and they also showcase many modded cars on their company blog.

Other brokers include, Performance Direct, Adrian Flux, Brentacre, Keith Michaels and Sterling Insurance. There are lots more out there.

Top 5 mods and average insurance increase according to Rivervale;

  1. Bodywork +153%
  2. Engine +153%
  3. Wheels +153%
  4. Interior +96%
  5. Paintwork +89%

Top 5 illegal mods that will void your insurance

  1. Tinted windows
  2. Blue lights
  3. Large spoilers
  4. Performance exhausts
  5. Number plates

The study also found that car mods affect the Volkswagen Polo’s insurance price the most at a +134% increase, followed the Kia Sportage (+115%) and the MINI (+110%).

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