US News: Zillion Teams Up with The Edge on In-Store Jewellery Insurance

Zillion, the US based jewellry insurer that offers 1-Click insurance at point of sale, has partnered with The Edge (not related to Insurance Edge in any way – Ed ) to provide jewellry store customers immediate insurance with their purchases through 1-Click technology right on their smartphone. Zillion’s insurtech solution is underpinned by AXA XL by the way.

Lots of jewellers shops sell cover, especially on expensive items like engagement rings, luxury watches, eternity rings etc although in the UK, specialist insurer T H March also offers low cost insurance on silver items worth perhaps £50 or so.

This new technology brings efficiency and ease to the jewellry industry and provides a valuable customer benefit, although much depends on the ability of low paid sales staff to convert the sales within a few seconds at the point of sale. No easy task as shops are closed right now of course.

The program is enabled through a free Edge software feature, and customers can immediately receive 10-Days of no obligation insurance, and peace of mind. Visit to learn more.

“This is an incredible customer benefit,” said John Simonian from The Source Fine Jewelers. “It costs the jeweller nothing but adds so much goodwill to the customer relationship. I was always concerned when customers left my store without insuring their purchase, and now with Zillion and The Edge, I am able to help my customers without doing anything differently.”


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