Greater Than Chooses Enerfy Driver Rewards Product

Greater Than, the insurtech company and AI supplier, is now expanding its AI with a brand-new cloud-based loyalty program, Enerfy Loyalty. The usefulness and simplicity of the new product are maximized by the fact that it is ready to apply on an existing customer base without the need for any policy change or IT integration. Companies that run the loyalty program also gain access to a direct and deep risk insight per each user.

The technology behind Enerfy Loyalty uses AI algorithms that predict loss ratio in real-time and estimate the claims. The unique insight creates an optimal foundation of loyalty program for insurance companies and fleets who wants to improve their loss ratio by rewarding customers who drive more safely.

“With our advanced AI and dynamic solutions, we want to improve our customers’ business while adding a new, fun way of driving. With Enerfy Loyalty, we do this by giving our customers better insight into where the risk is at the same time opening up the opportunity to reward good drivers.” – says Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than

Enerfy Loyalty can be applied to an existing customer base. It’s an easy tool for rewarding and retaining customers who drive safely. The connection of new members takes place entirely through the app2car solution without the need for external hardware. By downloading the app, the end-user can get started to collect points after just a click. The simplified connection makes Enerfy Loyalty a perfect CRM tool to attract new customers while providing instant risk analysis for each connected user.

“Enerfy Loyalty fits all insurance companies, car manufacturers, and fleets who want to interact with their end-users and customers to reward them when they drive well, safely and environmentally friendly” – continues, Liselott Johansson.

About Enerfy Loyalty

Enerfy Loyalty consists of four levels of risk: base, bronze, silver, and gold. Each level gives higher rewards, and gold customers are drivers with the lowest or almost no claims. Per each trip, the customer makes with their car points are generated, which can lead to direct rewards and a higher status level with an even lower deductible.

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