Real World Telematics: Crash Testing With ThingCo

Crash testing with ThingCo today at Charles Trent recycling centre in Rugby. There’s no better way to test in-car devices such as Little Theo, says CEO Mike Brockman, whose enthusiasm for refining and developing the Theo gadget is part of his DNA.

Little Theo is mounted on the windscreen, uses solar power so no cables or acr battery connection. It can also keep plenty of charge even if you own a classic and garage it during the winter. 

Why test it? In a series of collisions at 20mph ThingCo wanted to evaluate how well their product detects the impact and activates voice features so that drivers know they can get immediate assistance on a real accident. It’s all about tech helping people in emergencies, as well as tracking your driving style and offering a driver score, so that users feel they’re more involved with the technology.

The first two shunts offered fascinating data insights from a typical low speed impact already downloaded by ThingCo. They also used a drone to observe from above.

One thing we all noticed after the second impact was how the already weakened old Fiesta suffered more dents, folds and creases to its bodyshell. Even though the bumpers did their job and absorbed energy, the force had to go somewhere and it’s the body structure and the doors, bonnet etc that take that hit.

A series of tests show how Little Theo works in real world low speed collisions. How bodywork is affected and how quickly data can be sent to insurers.

Second impact shows more serious damage.

More insights and details from this interesting day will be published later this week.

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