Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then Let The WFH Begin

Working from home is working out very well for many staff at brokers, MGAs and insurers. But sitting in the correct posture, taking regular breaks etc. is all part of the daily routine – or should be. Insurers who don’t make their staff aware of healthy routines, and provide chairs or adjustable desks, may find themselves getting some HR flak in the future. It’s worth thinking about and here’s some background info from MAXIS Global Benefits;

MAXIS GBN, one of the world’s leading international employee benefits networks, has partnered with California-based healthtech firm SimpleTherapy to help multinationals tackle the issue of musculoskeletal conditions, either in the workplace or while working from home.

Founded in 2011 by orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, SimpleTherapy has built an intuitive, highly detailed and multi-lingual app which aims to help employees address musculoskeletal injuries before they become chronic conditions that require surgery. This was the first online alternative to in-person physical therapies and, over the past nine years, has grown into the market leader in managing chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders.

Through this partnership, MAXIS GBN’s multinational clients are able to offer their employees access to an excellent range of support. Each programme is personalised through real-time feedback and each participant is given a care team comprised of a doctor, physical therapist and a health coach. SimpleTherapy’s proprietary platform gives employees instant access to evidence-based exercise therapy to address musculoskeletal disorders, including back pain, knee pain, hand arthritis, and hundreds more.

Other services offered by the platform include 18 pain recovery tracks, musculoskeletal education programmes and occupational injury prevention programmes.

SimpleTherapy reports that 89% of compliant users show improvements in their condition, with on average 65% pain reduction by week 12 and 78% report being better equipped to address future pain. A three-year longitudinal cohort study with a Washington-based employer covering more than 125,000 employees showed that SimpleTherapy services resulted in a 50% reduction in medical claims and a 66% reduction in surgical rates followed by a 52% reduction in Rx (prescription) claims.

Arpit Khemka, CEO and co-founder at SimpleTherapy, said: “Acute musculoskeletal disorders are a top challenge for employers – they’re the number one cause of occupational injury and productivity loss. However, dedicated programmes, one-to-one assistance and changes in every day behaviours can have a strongly positive effect, leading to a healthier workforce, better productivity and lower claims and costs. We are delighted that MAXIS GBN has selected SimpleTherapy as a key partner to address what is a major issue for businesses and their staff worldwide.”

SimpleTherapy is the latest firm to partner with MAXIS GBN as it continues to build comprehensive services to help multinationals keep their employees healthy and tackle costly medical spending.

The firm joins ICAS World, a global employee assistance programme; INTERVENT INTERNATIONAL, a chronic disease and lifestyle management provider; and CareClix, a full-spectrum global telemedicine company, to make up MAXIS GBN’s wellness technology marketplace. These carefully selected third-party suppliers deliver global wellness solutions to employees around the world, complementing local offerings and matching the global footprint of a multinational.

Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN, said: “We know the massive impact musculoskeletal disorders have on multinationals – costing huge amounts of money, not only in medical claims, but absenteeism and employee productivity too. The coronavirus pandemic has made the need to look after employees’ musculoskeletal disorders even more important, as more people work from home and often don’t have an ergonomic setup. Through this partnership with SimpleTherapy, our multinational clients can give their employees access to a programme with a proven track record of success and positive engagement, wherever they are in the world.”

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