Book a Self-Driving Ride, Norway Style

Passengers will be able to experience true self-driving cars in Norway, as the Sensible 4 test project continues. The implications for insurers are huge; not only is the car’s software now becoming the main PI risk, rather than the driver, but millions of delivery and taxi jobs will gradually vanish as autonomous vehicles become the default option in cities and large towns. That’s a huge number of 2K per year premiums vanishing forever. Here’s the latest from the press office;

The Sensible 4 self-driving pilot in Gjesdal, Norway will now open for passengers. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project FABULOS has been running in Norway since late January without passengers due to the requirements of local road authorities. Now the first phase including 500 hours of autonomous piloting is conducted without incidents or major issues and therefore the pilot opened for passengers this Monday.

The opening of the pilot is a major milestone in the FABULOS project and it’s yet another example of our autonomous driving software’s performance in harsh weather conditions, says Harri Santamala, the CEO of Sensible 4.

The passengers can board on and off the autonomous Toyota Proace vehicles from dedicated bus stops at the Ålgård Center and at the Myrengveien bus stop at the nearby hill. The ride is free of charge. The pilot is being operated with Mobility Forus, a Norwegian company providing professional safety drivers ensuring a safe ride.

The pilot is being driven from Monday to Friday from 7:40 in the morning to 19:20 in the evening and from 8:40 to 15:20 on Saturdays. Shuttle-buses leave from the Myrengveien and Amfi bus stops every 10 minutes, (excluding safety driver break hours 10-12 and 16-18, then departures are every 20 minutes). The schedule will also be available at the bus stops.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only two passengers can be taken on board the vehicle, three if the passengers represent the family or same group of people already being in contact with each other.

The self-driving pilot will continue in Gjesdal, Norway until the 4th of March, which is the last day of operations.

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