Insurance News Bites 30.03.21

You don’t really want to search Google for insurance related news. So let IE mag do that chore for you.


Attis brokerage has launched, with offices in Lincoln and Leeds. According to UK business media they have a staff of 20 and aim to offer various commercial lines. The Attis website is currently showing a holding page.


The FT recently ran an article where marine insurance and reinsurance experts estimated losses from the Ever Given handbrake turn to be $150m-$250m. Obviously not all the claims for delays, spoiled cargo, detours etc have come in yet. On the upside, the ship has been refloated successfully and no lives were lost.


A hair salon in California decided to sue Arthur Gallagher for not warning them  that pandemics were a risk to their business. However the judge decided that the business owner should assess the risks and then ask the broker, or the insurer to offer solutions. “As a general rule, however, an insurance agent does not have a duty to advise an insured to procure additional or different insurance coverage,” Judge Stamen said on Thursday.

Most drivers in Ireland are male, but women are generally safer and involved in fewer serious accidents.


In a refreshingly old school move experts at the online insurance broker say that statistics indicate that women drivers are less likely to be involved in major accidents or fatalities on Irish roads. The Central Statistics Office of Ireland records fewer women taking the driving test, so that does reduce the odds of women having an accident, since there are more men on the roads in general.

In terms of penalty points, men incurred about two-thirds of the 163,118 endorsement notices where gender was recorded in 2019. Speeding was the most common offence for both men and women. Yep, women are safer.


Two fraudsters using a series of fake IDs and addresses conned Churchill Insurance and Endsleigh, reports the Manchester Evening News. Salman Gull and Akbar Zaman were found guilty of conspiracy and received short prison sentences. Their MO was to phone insurance brands and give fake addresses and names so that they could insure themselves to drive high powered Audi and BMW cars. The operation was organised from a home office, set up in one of the pair’s spare bedrooms.


E-scooter trials are starting all across the UK, with Spin launching in Essex recently, reports local news websites. The Spin trial has a PAYG option, or a monthly subscription service, so it will be interesting to see how people sign up – especially if this summer turns out to be a wet one. The Spin project is backed by Ford Motor Company and has been set up by Essex Council. Riders must be aged 18 and have at least a Provisional UK licence, or they are not insured. Riders on benefits can obtain cheaper hire rates, so that they can travel to job interviews or benefits offices.

Interestingly, buried in the T&Cs of the Spin app, is a clause which forbids riders from texting, or listening to music. Good luck with that!





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