Nextbase Launches Its Own Car Insurance

The UK’s biggest Dash Cam brand, Nextbase, today announces the launch of a new car insurance service. Nextbase Insurance, in partnership with Cornmarket Insurance Services and underwritten by a range of major insurers including Ageas and Axa, will reward drivers with significant discounts.

In a world first, Nextbase Insurance will offer discounts to drivers who have a Nextbase Dash Cam installed in their car.

Nextbase Insurance will start at under £200, with a third of customers paying less than £250 for fully comprehensive cover, and over half saving 30% or more on insurance. Having a Nextbase Dash Cam allows customers to use the footage in an insurance claim, giving evidence to prove what happened and quickly resolve any issues.

Nextbase research into driver behaviour found that when using a Dash Cam, 68% of drivers experienced an improvement in their driving score (according to the telematic profiling standard). Another Nextbase study found that 58% of drivers were less likely to tailgate, and 54% were less likely to speed if they, or another road user had a Dash Cam, showing that Dash Cam users can improve road safety for everyone. Installing a Dash Cam benefits not only the driver, but the insurance company and police, allowing claims to proceed faster.

Not only are Dash Cam owners statistically more likely to be responsible drivers, owning a Dash Cam can dramatically increase incident outcomes, where the driver is not at fault, by increasing the speed of pay out and saving insurers time and money. Unlike other insurers, Nextbase will reward safe drivers by passing the “Dash Cam discount” on directly to them. Nextbase will look to beat any quote for experienced drivers (with no penalties or convictions), and over half of Nextbase customers will save a huge 30% or more on car insurance.

Dash Cams are now seen as an essential part of driving, and with over 3 million drivers now using a Dash Cam we are seeing this increase further as lockdown eases and people are getting back on the road. As lockdown eases and we see more people move from public transport to their car for commuting, there are many new drivers on the roads and this insurance policy comes at the ideal time for safe drivers to reward themselves.

Richard Browning, Sales and Marketing Director at Nextbase said: “Purchasing a Dash Cam can be extremely beneficial for drivers when it comes to incident cover, safety, and emergency help. But we want to go that step further and make sure customers are rewarded for being sensible, safe drivers.

“At Nextbase we want to help encourage people to feel confident on the road and put safety first when driving. Nextbase Insurance, and our over-40 cover deal, are the next steps in making sure every customer is a responsible driver and that we are doing everything we can to keep Britain’s roads safe.” 

Customers can get a quote for Nextbase Insurance by calling 0330 100 4969 or by visiting the You can also input your insurance renewal date to find out your discount when your current policy runs out.

Visit or call 0330 100 4969 to find out more about how much you could save with Nextbase Insurance.

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