Commercial: Solar Edge Rolls Out Smarter Modules

If you manage commercial properties and want to improve that ESG section on your annual company report, then this is all green goodness worth looking at;

SolarEdge is bringing its vision of increased energy sufficiency for UK homes a step closer with the introduction of its Smart Module series with integrated Power Optimizers. The launch marks the first availability of SolarEdge Smart Modules in the UK and represents an important milestone in the company’s strategy to provide residential customers with a holistic, end-to-end home solar energy management solution.

SolarEdge’s advanced DC-optimised inverter and Power Optimizer solution overcomes the limitations of traditional string-based PV systems to deliver more energy output, reduce maintenance costs and mitigate safety risks. The new SolarEdge Smart Modules combine the benefits of the company’s Power Optimizers with the latest split-cell PV module technology to deliver increased power output in a highly durable and easy-to-install package. Available for order now, the range includes a choice of 355-360W all-black modules for more aesthetically appealing roofs and 370W black-framed modules for system owners looking to generate even more power from their solar installation.  

Christelle Barnes, UK Country Manager at SolarEdge, comments: “We’re excited to introduce our Smart Module solution to the UK, following a roll-out in Australia and across Europe. Since 2006, SolarEdge has invested heavily in developing industry-leading solutions that enable residential and commercial customers to harness the full power of solar technology, driving down their energy costs and carbon footprint. Today’s announcement marks the next stage in this journey.”

SolarEdge Power Optimizers increase energy output from solar installations by constantly tracking the maximum power point of each module, thereby reducing the mismatch power losses that typically occur in traditional string inverter systems due to issues such as shading or soiling. The SolarEdge topology also enables more efficient use of all available roof space. This allows the maximum number of modules to be installed, ensuring the system produces the most energy possible.

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