Not Just Range Rovers, Thieves Love JCBs Too

It isn’t just the prestige motors that professional thieves target, plant and construction vehicles or equipment also has a hard cash value, so it’s good to protect it with some unique markings. Here’s the news from Dual Oliva;

DUAL Oliva offer clients an innovative way to help reduce risk by automatically providing a free DNA+ forensic coding kit with every construction policy that covers Own Plant. The reduction in risk this brings to the insured means DUAL Olivia can reduce the theft excess on policies by 50%.

Forensically coded items are irrefutably connected to their owner, making it easier for the police to secure convictions for theft. The DNA+ forensic coding system contains a solution with uniquely coded microdots which are registered exclusively to each client. This provides evidence of ownership and, where used in conjunction with the provided signage, can be a powerful deterrent to thieves as well as increasing the likelihood that lost or stolen possessions are returned to their rightful owner.

Once the insured has erected the signage, applied the solution and registered online, their theft excess is reduced by 50%.

Cliff Browne, MD DUAL Oliva, said: “Our goal is always to offer better service and better products to our brokers and their clients and we strive to always stay one step ahead of the competition when responding to their needs. DUAL Oliva DNA+ is just one example of how we do this. However good your construction policy, ultimately the best result for everyone is to significantly reduce the threat of theft. Each microdot is just 1mm in diameter and a tiny trace is all you’ll need to provide enough evidence for forensic analysis.”

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