BIBA2021: Reaction & Comments

Little bit of post-BIBA feedback for you;


We certainly enjoyed catching up with our broker partners and attending seminars and keynote sessions across the two days. It was a busy couple of days fuelled by good meetings and discussions.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our dedicated BIBA 2021 page. This is where you’ll find more information about how we can support you, your business and your customers, as well as more about our product offering and digitally traded products. There’s also some handy resources around this year’s conference theme of ‘Strengthening Resilience


On our BIBA stand this week, we chose to showcase e-trading, as something which has helped us to be resilient. Home & Legacy Online has been a real focus for us since it launched 5 years ago, and we set various improvements live over the last year. Most recently it was the addition of a Document Portal. Brokers have recognised our efforts with Home & Legacy Online by ranking us highly this week.

And so, for us online service development continues to be a key priority. We will continue to ask brokers for their feedback. We currently have a survey running so brokers can tell us what they think we should do next on Home & Legacy Online and to ensure we’re offering you the best service we can. As for the future, it will definitely include additional functionality for Home & Legacy Online – in the way that is most helpful to brokers.


The opening day was a poor customer experience shall we say? The reaction on LinkedIn was generally positive with brokers and insurtech specialists hoping BIBA could resolve the problems.

Broker Peter Robinson wasn’t alone in wondering if two days looking at a screen wasn’t the best plan for anyone in business, commenting;

“Can I just come clean & say that I’m NOT attending #biba2021? I think BIBA is a fantastic organisation & this is an amazing event & normally I’d have booked to attend months ago. I’m just so fed up with Zoom/Teams calls et al I cannot abide the idea of spending 2 days staring into a screen & trying to network, sorry guys. I know when it comes to this sort of thing, I am an #insurance dinosaur. See you in person at #BIBA2022″ on his LI profile.

Barry Sainty from BLW Brokers added this after the opening day;

My thoughts and thanks go to all of my colleagues who worked so hard to bring the BIBA conference to us today. I would particularly like to thank Steve White, Lindsay Campbell, and the events team at BIBA who did everything they could to get the platform back up and running.
Mindful of the theme of ‘Strengthening Resilience’, I enjoyed great discussions with Chris Hanson at Hiscox and Sara Fardon at Willis Towers Watson. Well done to the BIBA team for their resilience.”

The glory days. Better weather too!


One thing struck your IE editor about #BIBA2021 and that was it never made the top ten UK Trends on Twitter at any point, which is a contrast to 2018 and 2019. In fact BIBAexpress briefly trended in 2019 on the afternoon before the Conference.

That shows a lack of online enthusiasm and that the need to attend to other emails, meetings, or just the business of selling insurance, took preference over staring at Zoom type seminars, where the distancing seemed to dampen the natural flow of conversation that you get with an on-stage panel, plus live questions from the floor.

In short, there is no substitute for a live event. If more Covid fearmongering puts paid to live events and we face more lockdowns next year then BIBA should simply cancel it imho.

It is also the case that talking face-to-face offers people the chance to speak more freely than they might online via messaging platforms. It isn’t just cyber insurance specialists who are reluctant to begin the dealmaking process online. You could feel that hesitancy in all the networking convos I saw. Then there is the famous social side of the event. Without that buzz surrounding the meals, bar meet-ups and gigs that Manchester provides in its unique way, BIBA lacks the very thing that makes it a must-attend conference; the human factor.




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