Classic Motorcycle Insurance: What About Spare Parts?

The ‘RC30 Forever’ replacement parts scheme comes to Europe

If you are a classic motorcycle insurance broker or MGA then it’s good to know whether the factory is still supplying spare parts. Makes repair a possibility, rather than just writing the bike off. In fact it’s good to know the spares supply on modern bikes, since many manufacturers are not that great at producing parts, even for current models, never mind 30 year old designs.

Hats off to Honda who are determined to let classic fans keep the masterpiece RVF750R race machine going, so long as we are allowed to buy petrol.

Honda will be bringing the ‘RC30 Forever’ genuine replacement parts scheme to Europe following its successful introduction in Japan last year.

Honda started the ‘RC30 Forever’ programme after meetings with well-established RC30 owners’ clubs in Japan and Europe, during which the owners expressed their strong desire to keep these iconic bikes on the road and in the best condition by using genuine Honda spare parts. The key focus of the programme is keeping these owners riding safely and with confidence.

Under the scheme, Honda produces approximately 150 genuine replacement parts for the RC30 that cover the engine, chassis, bodywork and electronics. These have been chosen based on owners’ requests and the experience of experts within Honda’s R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Parts will be available to order through dealerships across Europe from May* 2021.

Background to the ‘RC30 Forever’ scheme

At the beginning of the ‘RC30 Forever’ project, an investigation through the RC30 archives undertaken in 2017 revealed that none of the original wooden models or moulds for the RC30 had been retained. It was clear that the original drawings would be needed to move the project forward.  Like all motorcycles produced at the time, the manufacture of the RC30 was based on 2D hand-drawn wireframe blueprints, from which models and moulds were created. Compared with modern methods of 3D computer modelling and digital drawings, these blueprints contain far fewer specific details, which complicated the reproduction of the new parts.


Suzuki factory supply spares for classic machines like the GT750 Kettle, the GS750 and GS1000 fours, plus the GT250 and RGV250 two strokes. These are all appreciating in value rapidly, as older bikers invest in restoring the motorcycles of their youth. Brokers who understand the market can develop flexible policies that cover restoration projects, show transit, one day riding cover and insurance on original spare parts. For example a H1 500 Kawasaki set of pistons is worth about £200.

Many dealers still hold some OEM parts for Japanese bikes, especially the more popular models that sold in volume. When it comes to British bikes brokers will find that owners clubs sometimes manufacture small run supply to members, or some specialists re-manufacture exact replicas of original parts. In some cases they are of better quality, as the equipment is more modern in terms of machining, finishing and treating the metal.


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