More Than Launches Low Miles Policy – Will It Work?

The pandemic has accelerated a long-term decline in the number of miles Brits drive which has prompted More Than to launch ‘low mile’ and ‘higher mile’ driver policies.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, MORE THAN reveals that 17% of UK drivers expect to use their car less over the next year, compared to pre-pandemic levels, with respondents predicting more time spent at home (55%), relying more on online delivery services (28%) and permanent changes to their working patterns (26%) as key reasons behind them driving less in the future.

Nearly a quarter (24%) UK drivers said they will be driving less miles commuting to work compared to before the pandemic. On average, those saying they will drive less for commuting to work expect to be spending 75 fewer days – or 1,044 fewer miles – commuting per year compared to before the pandemic. Those working in financial and legal sectors expect to see the biggest falls in miles for their daily commute compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Changes to routine

Some changes to Brits’ daily routines brought on by the pandemic, however, are here to stay. Of the 2,318 UK drivers surveyed by MORE THAN, one in four (25%) say they’ll be using their cars less for running daily errands over the next year, while more than a fifth (21%) say they’ll be driving less often for a weekly food shop. However, three in ten (30%) intend to drive more to visit family and friends, while 28% expect to use their cars for more one-off day and weekend trips.

It seems likely that a hybrid home/office work routine will replace the commutes of the olden days, but maybe PAYG flexible insurance on-demand – per trip – is a better fit for many car renters/owners?


MORE THAN’s Low Miler usage-based product uses a smart device to provide a fairer way of offering car insurance for those who use their cars less often or travel shorter distances.

MORE THAN Low Miler customers select a mileage allowance for the year, up to a maximum of 7,000 miles, and then are sent a device that plugs into the vehicle via a socket inside the car or under the bonnet. The device tracks customers’ mileage, regularly updating them on the miles they’ve driven and allowing them to buy top-up miles if they need to.

The history of telematics in the UK has been a long road, often bumpy. Many drivers don’t like the idea of a device fitted in the car which tracks their every move. They prefer to state an annual mileage and hope that matches reality.

More Than may find that take-up is Less Than expected. Just saying.

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