Cardening. It’s Greener Than Monty Don’s Jumper

Here is a new question for those comparison websites selling car insurance; do you keep a small garden in your dashboard, or hang baskets from your mirror?

Seriously. Bristol Street Motors has jhas sent us a press release on how plant-obsession is moving into cars. Some models have a deep odds n ends well on the passenger side of the dashboard, which makes a good vegetable patch. Others have deep side pockets and a central tray near the handbrake, which could also hold some wild mint perhaps. That would save buying a small christmas tree shaped fragrance device too, as the mint would overwhelm the smell from your fag-stained carpets and velour seating.

Yes, this `Cardening’ trend is a thing on social media – naturally – where bored Pandas and TikTok timewasters all gather to compete for likes n shares. Because, it’s better than getting a real job, obvs.

`Hello. do I need to declare more than three planters on my licence?’


Whilst this burst of green inside your car may look like high maintenance to some, and impractical to others, there are some key benefits to keeping plants in your car, says Bristol Street.

  • Air purification
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Sharpen Your Attention

These are valid points, although we can see that a claim for face damage by rogue cacti could be the result of an emergency stop.

Another reason you may want to keep house plants in your car is because of the wonders they can do for your mental health. As the prominent colour in nature, green has been proven to be a calming colour which can reduce your stress levels – goodbye road rage! In some cases, plants have even been proven to improve concentration.  Not a bad thing whist driving!

A small rockery may also come in handy when deterring would-be carjackers.

The plants most likely to survive in a car are also the ones that need the least attending to. Think:

  • Cacti
  • Air plants
  • Succulents
  • String of pearls
  • Palms and
  • Snake plants

Yes, we have seen it all now at IE mag. If you have nowt better to do please add a plant based pun below. We need the likes on social media…

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