Property: Hippo Integrates Geospatial Imagery

OK, so imagine this; homeowner customer needs renewal on building insurance. You can access images from space to see latest roof condition, construction work, new roads/repairs, solar panels, even get an idea on local popularity of BBQ units, swimming pools, sheds and so on. Then overlay that with flood/fire/crime data software package. You got the picture, now quote `em happy.

Hippo, the home insurance group that created a new standard of care and protection for homeowners, has announced a new integration with Cape Analytics, which uses deep learning and geospatial imagery to provide real-time property intelligence.

The integration advances Hippo’s automated property analysis capabilities to more narrowly target property characteristics and tailor policies accordingly using its own machine learning algorithms.

Hippo has modernized the home insurance process using advanced technology to identify and address homeowner issues proactively. Through its work with trusted analytics sources to build deeper layers of insights, Hippo continues to enhance its underwriting and ongoing risk management and mitigation insights to provide premier home protection. Cape’s geospatial property analytics, powered by machine learning and computer vision, layers into Hippo’s proprietary policy management system to expedite the onboarding flow for new leads while increasing the accuracy of policy coverage and premiums specifically tailored to a unique property.

“Cape’s integration will be instrumental in driving deeper property intelligence, which in turn proactively protects our customers and seamlessly intrigues the most accurate information into the onboarding flow for potential customers,” said Aviad Pinkovezky, Chief Product Officer, Hippo. “With Cape, we acutely define the characteristics of a property and its surrounding area with a degree of accuracy that hasn’t existed before in home insurance to help our customers take important steps to protect their home.”

Cape identifies valuable property characteristics such as a roof’s condition, yard debris, solar panels, overhanging trees, swimming pools and more with faster speed and accuracy than traditional third-party data sources. This intelligence will support further automation of Hippo’s underwriting process and even enhance its renewal capabilities, replacing the need for in-person inspections. As a result, Hippo customers receive a streamlined home insurance experience with tailored policy coverage year after year.

Hippo with accurate property intelligence and action-oriented insights that can truly drive change and help keep their customers protected.”

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