Latest UK P&I Club Statement on Ever Given

The latest from the UK P&I Club on the Ever Given grounding:

The UK Club welcomes the Suez Canal Authority’s (SCA’s) announcement during their press conference on 30 May 2021 that they are reassessing their claim in light of the valuations of the ship and cargo which have been provided by the Ever Given interests. Since the start of this case, the owners of the Ever Given and their insurers have been committed to the fair resolution of this matter and we look forward to reaching a resolution as soon as is practicable.

We are concerned by the allegations made by the SCA during the press conference and in the media against the ship and the Master of Ever Given. The owners of the Ever Given and their P&I and hull and machinery insurers look forward to responding to these allegations within the Egyptian court proceedings. Critically it is important to clarify that whilst the master is ultimately responsible for the vessel, navigation in the Canal transit within a convoy is controlled by the Suez Canal pilots and SCA vessel traffic management services.

Such controls include the speed of the transit and the availability of escort tugs.

The Ever Given’s owners and their P&I and hull and machinery insurers fully acknowledge that the SCA is entitled to compensation for their legitimate claims arising out of this incident. We have insured the vessel for certain third party liabilities of the SCA’s claims.

The UK Club continues to work with the Ever Given’s owners and their other insurers to reach a fair and amicable resolution.

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