Shifting Covid Goalposts Sends Travel Insurers into Retreat

Which? magazine took a look at the fine print of many travel insurance policies and found that  just 1% offered complete peace of mind during the current Covid travel rules Hokey-Cokey. “You get your passports out, your test results, out, do it all again…”

It is a farce, a constantly shifting quicksand of rule changes and traffic light systems, designed by globalists to restrict international travel to a wealthy elite and their entourages. As demonstrated at the recent G7 woke-fest in Cornwall. But there we are.

Let’s be honest, who can insure a set of risks when nobody knows what the official advice or guidance will be from one week to the next? Here’s some reaction from Farhad Divecha, MD and Founder of AccuraCast.

“The news that less than 1% of travel insurance policies offer full Covid cover shows an incredibly huge disconnect between some travel vendors and consumers at an already difficult and worrying time.

“We already know that Covid insurance cover is a priority for travellers, given that research we conducted showed that of consumers planning to travel this year, 21% stated that the top priority for travel insurance was cancellation due to Covid restrictions. I’m certain that this is still the case today, if not more so.

“With travel restrictions changing by the week, travel insurance companies must take into consideration the concerns and priorities of the public. At a time where travel uncertainty is at an all-time high, they must, at the very least, communicate to their customers how they will handle this. It seems, however, that the customer isn’t at the centre of these businesses and consumers are being overlooked for financial gain.

“If the travel industry is to climb out of the pandemic-shaped hole it’s been in for the past 15 months, it must work together  even with insurance providers – something that is clearly not happening at the moment. Instead, findings like this will only cause further uncertainty, insecurity and lack of confidence in the travel sector.”


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