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Like many industries today, the importance of sustainability within our sector continues to be a Board level priority under the ESG banner. The way an organisation manages, delivers, and develops its social and environmental strategies is key to both the impact it has on its customers and suppliers, and the success it achieves as a business.

Jane Pocock, UK and Ireland MD for Copart, talks about how sustainability and green parts work for their customers, and how it fits into the wider Copart Cares CSR programme that runs across all parts of the company.

As a business leader, I recognise and fully embrace the importance of sustainability. Working with most of the UK’s vehicle insurers, it is critical that we all join forces to become more environmentally responsible. Remarketing, recycling, and facilitating parts at the scale at which we do, we know we have a vital part to play.

At Copart, we ensure the most carbon friendly choice is made on all vehicles, meaning 75% of our stock is remarketed for re-use, with the remainder going on to the parts markets to legitimate third parties who will recycle them.

Our overall focus is to ensure the smart re-use of all resources, including parts, materials and/or whole vehicles, dictated by the salvage categorisation.

For the smaller but vitally important volume of vehicles that are categorised for breaking, Copart works closely with our customers and the wider network to ensure they are sold to authorised treatment facilities, enabling significant green parts and recycling opportunities. These reputable companies then provide appropriate provenance on the parts for wider market re-use.

Throughout our business we are committed to scrutinising every aspect of our operations to ensure we drive efficiencies, minimise our environmental impact, and maximise our recycling. In addition, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint through offset initiatives and our ‘greenest fleet on the street’ strategy.

We fully appreciate the shift from the older, localised, scrap yard model to the sophisticated global market that now exists as we’ve been at the forefront of that change, and similarly we are actively helping drive this shift to sustainability.

We pride ourselves on being as close to our customer as possible, working collaboratively with them which means we always focus on their needs. Clearly there is a growing and concerted effort across the industry to adopt greener working practices, with a most recent example being LV=’s Green Heart Standard, and as a key supplier we are working hand in hand with such initiatives.

We live this ambition through our Copart Cares campaign, where our central theme is that of Recycling and Sustainability. It sounds obvious, but you have to capture what you want to achieve and write it down, otherwise it is just something people talk about vaguely and won’t become an integral and central part of all your planning and strategy-building.

Ultimately, we want to ensure we do the right thing by the vehicle and therefore our customer, and not make green parts for green parts sake as that’s not always the answer.

This feature was produced in assocation with Copart UK


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