Travel Insurance: Latest Traffic Light Changes

Once again, the traffic lights have changed from red to amber…or sometimes green. It’s hard to keep up, but here’s some expert comment for all you confused travel insurance bokers out there.

Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at Forbes Advisor UK:

Further relaxation of travel restrictions is always welcome, and those yearning to see France this summer will be salivating at the prospect of heading across the channel knowing they will not have to self-isolate on their return if they have both doses of the NHS vaccine. That said, there are practical considerations, not least that millions of French citizens will be holidaying in France this year, meaning finding accommodation might be a struggle in popular destinations.

Those tempted by France should also know that there are mass demos and protests against the `Health Pass’ which Macron is forcing on French citizens, almost every weekend, so expect travel disruption if visiting any major French towns and cities.

Equally, it’s still the case that travellers need to check for restrictions and conditions in place in countries they wish to visit, even if those countries are moving to the UK green list. For example, most people need both jabs to enter Germany, and entry to Austria is severely limited.

In the euphoria surrounding the traffic light changes scheduled for Sunday, it’s worth noting the steep increase in costs faced by those obliged to stay in a government-managed quarantine facility on their return from a red list country. The rate for one adult has leapt by more than £500 to £2,285 while the additional rate for an adult has more than doubled to £1,430.

Grant Shapps also stated yesterday that France could go red anytime this month basically. Good luck & Bon Voyage!


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