Drink-Drive Deaths Remain Static in 2019

Drink driving related deaths on UK roads have remained at the same level for some years now. Part of the problem is that you rarely see a Police car on patrol anymore, they are double busy doing other things. But there is – and always will be – a minority of people who feel that UK laws simply don’t apply to them.

On the upside the number of incidents overall that involved drink driving is the lowest of ALL TIME – so says the govt;

“The central estimate of the number of drink-drive casualties of all severities in 2019 is 7,800, a fall of 10% from 8,680 compared to 2018. This is the lowest level recorded.”


Following the publication of new government figures recently that show the number of people killed by drink-drivers has remained largely unchanged since 2010, RAC head of policy Nicholas Lyes said:

“While there will be much interest in the 2020 casualty figures when they come out to understand the impact of the Covid lockdowns on drink-driving, these figures still represent a rather chilling reminder that in the region of 250 people are killed by drink-drivers on Great Britain’s roads every year, a figure that’s barely fallen since 2010.

“Clearly much more needs to do done, and one area we’d like to see progress in is around cutting reoffending. A report by PACTS found that nearly one-in-five drink drive offences are carried out by repeat offenders, something that could be tackled with the introduction of alcohol interlocks.”

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