Drivers Are Ready for In-Car PAYG Services

Verex Group, the market leader in dedicated connected services to vehicle manufacturers, has published new data highlighting how drivers across the UK are demanding more from their next vehicle purchase. The vast majority of drivers surveyed (76%) would prefer their next car to include connected services such as a Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance solution and automatic crash detection technology.

The survey went on to ask drivers if they would be happy for their next vehicle to monitor their driving if it was going to ‘save them money or help in an accident’ and the overwhelming majority stated they would be happy to share this data with only 19% of drivers unwilling to. The results of this survey highlight a huge shift in consumers awareness and willingness to share their connected data as more and more drivers begin to understand the real benefits of this new technology and how these services can not only save them money but also help to protect drivers and their loved ones.

Verex Group uses cutting-edge technology and connected car data managed solutions to offer a range of services to their network of 16 UK vehicle manufacturers, including; Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and a proactive “E-FNOL” (First Notification Of Loss) solution. These connected services make accident claims seamless for drivers by automating the process with insurers and the vehicle manufacturer. Supported by a mobile optimised and digital self-service experience, it will also provide customers and their loved ones with additional support when they need it most.  Drivers won’t even have to pick up the phone as the market-leading technology will not only know when an accident has happened but also the severity of the incident and organise everything automatically.

Mark Aryaeenia, CEO at Verex Group, said, “With the evolution of digital capabilities and access to increased data and insights, customers are seeking more from their new vehicle purchases and are starting to realise the true benefits of connected services. The days of believing car data is only used for ‘policing’ is hopefully behind us as drivers across the UK start to see how these solutions can help save them money and support them when they have an accident, removing the hassle by automating the process seamlessly.

The solutions we offer at Verex Group allow UK vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to offer a market-leading experience to their existing and new customers, building increased brand loyalty and customer retention.”

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