Govt Officially Launches E10 Fuel

E10 is now being sold as the standard grade of petrol. Most fleet managers are already aware and of course, modern vehicles are not affected. The long term effects of E10 won’t be known for about 3-5 years, but one thing is certain, the cost of filling up an older car or motorcycle just went up by about 12p per litre – quite an inflationary hit for poorer drivers to bear. Some part-time delivery drivers working freelance  in the online retail `last mile’ sector may well decide to give up doing 75p per package rounds, which will further aggravate the delivery driver shortage.

Here’s the govt advice;

Before September, the standard petrol grade contained no more than 5% bioethanol – a blend known as ‘E5’.

Increasing the bioethanol content to 10% in the standard grade helps us reach our climate change goals, by cutting transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year. Petrol cars manufactured after 2011 and most modern motorcycles are E10 compatible. However, around 5% of petrol vehicles will need to continue to use E5 petrol which will remain available as the super grade petrol option at the pumps.

If your vehicle is compatible with E10 petrol, you can switch from E5 to filling your tank with E10. It is perfectly safe to mix E5 and E10 in the same tank.

Using E10 fuel in an incompatible petrol vehicle will not cause immediate harm but continued use could damage your engine’s parts. If in doubt about the compatibility of your vehicle, you can use the online E10 vehicle checker or seek further advice from the vehicle manufacturer or garage.

Check if your vehicle can run on E10 petrol

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