Battery Quads Could Be an Urban Courier Solution

You want growth markets? Insurance Edge is always looking for them in the UK and beyond. Now, we all know that govrnments are keen on keeping people penned in at home, not driving anywhere etc. That means more internet shopping, but there is a green campaign against the use of petrol and diesel vans in general. Could the courier future be electric?

The solution could be battery powered quads, here’s some news from Delivery Mates;

The Loadster is a mobility vehicle that combines the ease-of-use of an electric bike with the functionality of a minivan. To use the Loadster, the driver only needs to engage the pedals to set the electric system in motion. Because of this pedal-assist principle and a top speed of 25 kph, the Loadster classifies as a bicycle and does not require a driver’s licence, broadening the range of its users.

It has a built-in cabin (there’s no floorpan – the ankle injury claims from drivers will come in every three months – Ed) that protects the driver from wind and the weather while they leave behind traffic jams in large cities. An ideal solution for same-day delivery businesses, the Loadster can be driven in parks and on bicycle lanes. The Loadster can carry up to 235 kilograms and has multiple volume load options of up to 1550 litres. It is powered by a 1,500 Wh battery that can cover around 50-60 kilometres, making the vehicle environmentally friendly – if you ignore the lithium and cobalt mining, plus product miles travelled to create the battery pack and assemble the vehicle.

Citkar is a German mobility solution provider with a mission to improve urban transportability. Their vehicles are registering success in collaboration with more than 30 premium partners throughout Europe. Delivery Mates is the first logistics provider to bring this pedelec solution to the UK and enable their 360-degree proposition: supplying delivery drivers, vehicles, delivery management software, along with service and maintenance for the complete final mile solution.

Several companies are working on similar concepts for urban courier work.

Insurance Edge can see one big flaw here, the UK simply does not have the wide – and totally segregated – cycle lanes that Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries already have. But maybe a city centre traffic ban from 10am-4pm would allow clear streets for such lightweight delivery vehicles to do the job without being crushed by a number 27 bus?

Ercilio Oliveira, Head of Operations, Delivery Mates, comments:

“We are delighted to partner with Citkar, as they are one of the EU-approved partners in this market in terms of Safety and Security. We believe this partnership will provide a significant per ton cost advantage to our customers as compared to other players in the market, together with revolutionary cost subsidies that showcase our offering as a cost and time-efficient transport solution. Combined with our delivery management software offering, we are best-placed to enable businesses to reach more customers and gain market share.”

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