Why Do Some Innovative Strategies Fail & Can We Fix It?

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Everyone likes to describe themselves as an innovative thinker, but how many actually do that on a routine basis? Business thrives on structure, but there comes a point where the status quo leads to stagnation. If your company has reached a standstill, you may realize that while you’re staying afloat, growth is non-existent. Your efforts to think outside the box might lead you feeling more closed in. If you’re tired of team meetings that go nowhere, here are reasons why your strategies aren’t working and what to do instead.

Limited Scope

Business innovation tends to fail when shortsightedness gets in the way of creativity. If the same problems keep arising, then your solutions may be perpetuating rather than resolving them. One of the biggest reasons companies fail, and struggle to innovate is that they’re too fixated on immediate results. When your only goal is to maximize efficiency, your options shrink. Shift your focus from costs and efficiency to experimentation and exploration. What can you do differently that may come with a risk but also has a potentially massive reward? Differentiation comes from a willingness to take on the unknown.

You can never set your company apart from the competition if your only tangible goal is to consistently outsell them.

Your Expectations Are Unrealistic

On the other end of the spectrum, businesses that want to completely revolutionize the industry with every idea are prone to disappointment. When you dream too big, ideas become vague, and it is impossible to develop actionable roadmaps for your projects. Think about setting small ideas that are closely connected to the most essential aspects of your business. This could be financial, operational, customer service or even employee satisfaction. When you identify a specific area you want to concentrate on, it will be easier to ideate possible innovations. When you decide to improve fleet management, you can look for specific technologies and software that would improve fleet productivity. An online guide covers everything you need to know about GPS tracking, which provides real-time business insights through 24-hour tracking.

Your Teams Aren’t Diverse Enough

People with similar educational backgrounds and professional experience are likely to think similarly as well. Innovation doesn’t happen in an echo chamber. Instead of isolating departments, bring different members together and see what happens. You can learn a tremendous deal about your business and how its functioning by listening to two employees from different departments approach the same problem. Encourage cross-collaboration to spark new ideas and battle things like gender inequity and age bias that still exists in some businesses. You’ll glean surprising insights and a new perspective that changes the way you operate.

You Always Expect Success

Growth is not about constantly nailing every idea. Be humble enough to accept the fact that not every idea will be a hit. Every new project is a gamble to a certain degree, but that’s okay. Even unexpected results can teach you something. Perhaps the greatest innovation of all lies in a willingness to fail and learn from what doesn’t work. When you’re not afraid to try something new, you’ll become more confident taking calculated risks. Sometimes, you might not anticipate the end result, but that’s what innovating is really all about. You have to be comfortable getting up close and personal with the unknown. Only then can you gain the type of experience and wisdom it takes to generate truly transformative ideas.

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