Lloyd’s Protestor Claims `Police Asked Me to Turn Informant’

An Insurance Rebellion activist has claimed that the Met Police asked him to turn double agent and inform on any future planned protests and direct action carried out by the group, which specifically targets insurance companies.

Henry Hill- sorry, that’s a different movie – Henry Owen, was arrested and charged with criminal damage after spilling some `fake oil’ outside the Lloyd’s of London building back in late October. At Westminster Magistrates he was found guilty of criminal damage and ordered to pay a fine of £660, which is unlikely to cover the actual clean-up costs, as any flood insurer knows.

IE is proud to bring you Henry’s lived truth from the Rebellion press release;

While being held by police at the Bishopsgate police station Henry Owen was offered a deal if they would become a police informer and provide details on other people involved in protests at Lloyd’s of London. Henry turned down their offer.

Henry Owen said: “They thought they could scare me into becoming an informant, but climate breakdown is much more intimidating.”

Will he stop? No way comrades, this is guy lives for protest. A member of Transitiontowns, plus Community Action Oxford, Henry also rages on Twitter against watered down statements from COP26, UK border controls and various other capitalist annoyances. Naturally, Henry works in the public sector, for a government grant funded scheme called Makespace Oxford, where buildings are effectively colonised into community spaces, rather than being let for commercial use.

Big up the Oxford University Popular Peoples Front we say.

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