New Research Suggests Pets Are Living Longer

Better diets, more exercise and better care in old age, it’s a modern lean lifestyle that suggests it’s not just humans, but our pets who are living longer. Visions of terriers on treadmills or Siamese on cycles may be wide of the mark, but a new care and attention devoted to the fitness of felines and the welfare of westies, means our beloved pets are enjoying a long and healthy old age.

Studies show dogs are living on average, 1.3 years longer than in 2002, while cats are living an additional 1.9 years ( It comes down to better nutrition, better education and better treatment which means longer lives for our beloved pets.

On average, different breeds have different lifespans, so while RSPCA figures show Miniature Poodles live 14.2 years, a Dogue de Bordeaux’s average lifespan is just 5.5 years. A Siamese cat can expect to be still purring at 20 while a Manx lives on average 8-14 years. With increased life expectancy in mind, it’s no wonder Petwise has created a specialist pet insurance product aimed at our beloved OAPs (old aged pets)! Petwise insure most breeds from seven years and over, with no upper age joining limit. The oldest dog on its books is a crossbreed, aged an impressive 21 years old. The oldest feline is a domestic shorthair at the ripe old age of 21.

Ross Hallifax, Markerstudy Broking’s Affinity Director, said: “Like humans, that extra bit of love, care and attention really helps, and taking out specialist pet insurance for senior animals helps plan for a happy old age. From vets’ bills to senior food contribution, our team is there to help every step of the way.

“We’re seeing better nutrition for pets and regular medical check-ups are helping ensure healthier lifestyles. A cockapoo could be thriving at 18, Labrador ageing gracefully at 12, while a Burmese cat will be cuddling up to you past 16, and a European shorthair will still have plenty left at 20.

“Petwise can help owners provide the best care for any health issues. Acting fast to any changes in their health is the best way to catch problems early. Who knows, the cat with nine lives may be extending that figure to ten!”

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