How Green Are Brits 2022 Intentions? Very, But Will Reality Bite?

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This latest survey on greener, sustainable living is interesting. But with inflation rising rapidly and more price rises expected on petrol/diesel, income tax/NI, new city ULEZ charges and tolls, more expensive grocery items and utilities like gas/electricity supply, will the bitter reality of living in a post pandemic world where everything costs more, burst that virtuous bubble?

Over half of Brits (51%) are planning to improve their sustainability habits in 2022 and believe the recent COP26 event and other news around the environment, have heightened their awareness of sustainability. The study of 2,000 people commissioned by car manufacturer Hyundai reveals everyday sustainable habits Brits will prioritise this year, such as not flying and growing their own veg– while three in 10 place huge importance on reducing use of plastic.

The research also draws attention to heightened awareness of bigger eco-friendly commitments such as driving electric vehicles, as Brits look to cleaner modes of transport in 2022 and beyond.

Despite good intentions, 32% admit they still have a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude towards fighting climate change, whilst only 15% of the population believe their lifestyle choices are as green as they could be.

With a mission to drive meaningful change for our climate, Hyundai this week launches its Drive the Change tour, travelling the length and breadth of the UK in the Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric vehicle. Driven and hosted by climate campaigner and presenter Jamie Anley, the Drive the Change tour will meet and give voice to experts, activists, communities and businesses committed to sustainability. It will unpack sustainable habits and support Brits in making lifestyle choices that can make meaningful impact long term.

Ashley Andrew, Managing Director, Hyundai Motor UK, said: “This research gives increasing hope and shows that more of us are wanting to live sustainably and are prioritising greener new year resolutions for 2022. It also highlights the important role leading brands play in driving the change to support consumer choice.”

The poll also found that while a quarter of Brits would replace their car with an electric vehicle to help reduce carbon emissions and help the environment, one in 10 say it’s simply because they’re ‘trendy’.


  1. Recycle as much as possible
  2. Use reusable carrier bags (Canvas, Jute etc.)
  3. Use low energy light bulbs
  4. Walk rather than drive, where possible
  5. Switch off plugs that aren’t in use
  6. Hang washing out rather than use a tumble dryer
  7. Turn off household technology when not in use
  8. Avoid using or buying plastic
  9. Avoid throwing items away into landfill
  10. Use a renewable energy supplier
  11. Reduce use of central heating by wearing jumpers
  12. Buy local products
  13. Have a compost bin
  14. Eat little or no meat
  15. Take public transport instead of driving
  16. Grow own produce
  17. Drive an electric/hybrid vehicle rather than a petrol/diesel
  18. Try to buy second-hand
  19. Try to plant trees
  20. Consciously buy products (food or otherwise) that have less packaging
  21. Have a water butt in the garden
  22. Don’t go on planes at all
  23. Take own reusable cup when visiting coffee shops
  24. Buy sustainable fashion
  25. Use eco cleaning products
  26. Use a metal straw instead of disposable ones
  27. Buy from sustainable brands
  28. Check labels in shops before purchasing anything, to make sure it’s eco friendly
  29. Count ‘food miles’ of foods in supermarkets
  30. Have food shops delivered

To find out more about Hyundai’s Drive the Change tour, visit

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