2022 Innovators: 17 Companies Listed By Insurtech Israel

We love start-ups here at IE magazine, in fact it’s the reason we bring you so much news, new products and supplier info every day – the world of insurance is rapidly evolving into something much more flexible than the old annual paper policies of the 20th century. So, the leading InsurTech magazine in Israel, has identified 17 winning startups for 2022, which are listed in brief below FYI. If you want more background info on any of the companies, then take a gander at Insurtech Israel, which is an excellent web magazine.

Air Doctor

Air Doctor connects travelers to local private doctors when they fall ill abroad, preventing unnecessary, often frustrating, and potentially expensive hospital visits, and reducing pressure on emergency care.


Binah.ai’s software-only, video-based Health Data platform is the next stage in the evolution of health and wellness monitoring. By eliminating the need for wearables and dedicated hardware devices and transforming smartphones, tablets and laptops into health and wellness monitoring tools, Binah.ai is enabling healthcare, insurance and wellness industries worldwide to access an extensive range of health measurements.


Covary is on a mission to enable US freelancers to take time off and get paid for it. Covary created a P2P community based income protection platform and joined forces with the largest US freelancers’ communities, to empower communities creating their own income protection plans and answer their members’ needs.


DigitalOwl developed a proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine designed to analyze medical records and to save time and money by improving risk selection and lowering costs for insurance companies.


EasySend is a no-code customer experience platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys. EasySend helps enterprises go digital by converting paper, PDFs, and manual processes into fully-branded customer journeys for any use case.


Emnotion – Next Generation Global Climate Model.

Bankable forecasts for better planning and risk management.

High accuracy early alerts for catastrophic events.

The Five Sigma Founders
Five Sigma

Five Sigma is a cloud-native, data-driven Claims Management Solution (CMS) with embedded AI/ML capabilities to allow intelligent claims processing for the insurance industry.

Five Sigma optimizes claims management by adding automated claims processing workflows, using data modeling and AI to provide smart recommendations, improving adjuster’s decision-making, and reducing errors.


Insurights delivers transparency and simplicity to the world of employees’ health. Insurights is an AI-powered digital platform that becomes the organization’s Chief Health Officer. Insurights can analyze and visualize any health plan, regardless of who is the carrier. It provides employees on-the-spot answers to their health coverage and benefits questions, helps them find lower-cost providers, and lets them know about relevant preventive care benefits to ensure they are healthier.


Lightico is an award-winning SaaS platform that empowers insurers to accelerate customer journeys. With the Lightico Digital Completion Cloud™, insurers leverage no-code workflows to collect customer eSignatures, documents, and payments, and authenticate ID in real time — straight from the customer’s smartphone.


Novidea is a global provider of a leading data-driven insurance platform that enables brokers, agents, and MGAs to manage the customer journey, end-to-end, and drive growth across the entire distribution lifecycle. Novidea supports more than 100 customers globally, including agents, brokers, MGAs, and the London market, managing more than 20 million policies across 20 countries, worldwide.


OpenLegacy is an all-in-one digital modernization platform built to unlock cloud-first development with core system data and assets. The platform brings the simplicity, speed, and standardization of cloud-native development to enterprises with legacy core systems.

Parametrix Insurance

Parametrix Insurance is the only provider of parametric cloud downtime insurance with policies that cover financial losses for businesses when outages of cloud or e-commerce platforms occur with no claims adjustment process.


Ravin.AI turns standard mobile phones or CCTV-style cameras into advanced vehicle inspection devices. Through deep learning and computer vision, Ravin is able to scan a vehicle, detect damage, and enable faster transactions between vehicles.


Surance.io operates an end-to-end proactive & preventive personal cyber insurtec solution, platform and Mobile App, enabling insurance carriers to offer a frictionless product to policy holders.


Trusty is an Insurtech startup, developing a new digital distribution channel for insurance brokers/companies and consumers by operating a unique MARKETPLACE and Price Comparison platform.


VOOM is an InsurTech company providing smart insurance products for the future of Mobility. Its dynamically-priced, usage-based insurance solutions are designed for high-risk, episodic-use mobility verticals, including drones, light planes, motorcycles, gig drivers, and more.


YuviTal (previously known as Rumble) is a digital health company creating a holistic platform for health organizations, insurance companies, HMOs, and employers worldwide. By driving members and policyholders to healthier choices, YuviTal empowers organizations to impact and improve their lives.



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