Lloyd’s Publishes Climate Change Co-operation Report

Lloyd’s, the world’s leading marketplace for commercial, corporate and speciality risk solutions, has released a new report to help insurers and risk managers navigate the significant overlap between geopolitical risks and climate change.

Shifting powers: Climate cooperation, competition or chaos? is the second in Lloyd’s series of ‘Shifting Powers’ reports produced in partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, and uses potential but plausible scenarios to identify geopolitical risks associated with climate change. The report suggests ways for insurers to ease tensions between national power blocs by providing risk solutions for regional energy and agricultural projects which can bind the international community together.

Using the theory of ‘Climate diplomacy’ – the strategic cooperation or competition of states towards climate-related goals – the report assesses global political developments in the coming century and changes in risk which could occur from various outcomes of the unprecedented global energy transition process. The report concludes that while it is likely friction between like-minded states could lead to a ‘Green Cold War’, nation states are expected to inevitably unite through a blend of cooperation and competition to tackle the challenges posed by climate change.

The report looks at three potential broad actions across countries on climate change; total obedience to the globalist narrative, climate anarchy and green cold war. Neither of the latter two seem very likely given the power of globalists to shutdown any debate or buy off opposition. The report is useful for those insurers looking to move in lockstep with `green’ regulation throughout the decade however.

You can find a download link here.

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