Maybe Your Next Insurance App Should Also Be a Game?

Brits are playing more online games as the “stay home, stay safe” message continues to be pumped out. It could also be a response to the gradual closing down of the night time economy in many city centres and towns. Here’s a thought for insurers and brokers; what if you bundled your next insurance app with game elements? YuLife are already doing this with their points collecting feature for example. Here’s some news from a game studio;

A nationwide study from the UK’s leading digital board game publisher Marmalade Game Studio shows around 9.98 million people bought online games including board games in the past 12 months spending an average £46. Around two out of five adults (37%) say they are playing more games than a year ago with 15% saying they are playing an additional three games or more.

A big driver for the rise in spending was people playing with family and friends as a way of staying connected during COVID-19 with nearly one in three (30%) people regularly playing with relatives and friends. Marmalade Game Studio has recently introduced Bubble in-game video chat allowing gamers to add friends and family to group chats, start games from these, and video chat whilst playing.

Nearly four out of five (79%) of those playing online games do it alone but increasingly people play with others – around 5% say they play with work colleagues while 36% play games against people they do not know.

Cristina Mereuta, co-CEO at Marmalade Game Studio, said: “The range and quality of games available to play online is expanding rapidly and includes traditional board games and games people can play with friends and family.

“Increasingly people own smartphones and other devices to play games on and buying games is relatively affordable as well as being a good way of keeping in touch with others during lockdown restrictions.”

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