Qlaims Partners With SightCall on Digital Claims

Qlaims today announces that it has partnered with SightCall, a global provider of augmented reality (AR)-powered remote visual assistance, to offer its enhanced digital claims process to both its own customers of Qlaims Insurance, and to other insurance businesses that previously experienced cost barriers to adoption of such technology.

Qlaims embraced SightCall visual assistance as a support solution for its own customers in 2022 and has used it in force in responding to storms Dudley and Eunice. Qlaims through its subsidiary QlaimsTech, also offers SightCall to smaller businesses linked throughout the general insurance sector, providing a cost-effective way for them to purchase small numbers of licenses, access as a pay-as-you-go arrangement, or an entire remote visual assistance solution.

Qlaims will use SightCall’s technology to provide rapid support and triage for clients, supporting fast mitigation actions to ultimately reduce the claim timeline and costs. During a pilot, Qlaims showed that using remote visual assistance on claims produced more than 60% savings on operational costs, coupled with a massive drop in its carbon footprint from reduced travel requirements.

“Video streaming has been a key part of our service from the beginning. In so many cases, we’ve been able to get the claim and mitigation activities kicked off within a matter of minutes after first being notified of a loss”, said Liz Latter, Qlaims’ CEO, “We selected SightCall in our latest enhancement to our proposition for reasons such as its approach to data privacy, reliable app performance in low bandwidth settings, and its location recognition, all essential features for the insurance industry. We were further encouraged by its robust track record for success and proof points with large insurers in the UK and around the world.”

“We have known the SightCall team for a few years now and we have been consistently impressed with the feature rich product that is continually enhanced as people become more comfortable with the virtual world.”

Thomas Cottereau, founder and CEO of SightCall said: “The insurance industry is being revolutionised by digital tools that make claims more seamless and incident recovery faster, giving policyholders peace of mind,” said. “These technologies are an investment in the future for insurance businesses both large and small, and our partnership with QlaimsTech brings that possibility even closer for many more providers, transforming thousands of claims every year.”

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