Cake Offers Recycled Motorcycles

CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced re:CAKE – a global program that aims to extend the lifecycle of Cake motorcycles, by offering customers to purchase certified pre-owned bikes.

As everyone with a GCSE in physics knows, a battery has a finite lifespan as regards holding a charge. Over hundreds of charge cycles it produces less power and takes longer to re-charge. So all electric cars, e-scooters, van or motorcycles will need regular refurbishment. Or off to landfill. “We founded Cake with the promise to create motorcycles that wouldn’t only be high-quality and fun to ride, but also offer sustainable alternatives to fossil-fuel”, said Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of Cake. When buying a re:CAKE, you make an active choice by extending the lifecycle of an existing product and play an integral part in making consumption more sustainable”.

The re:CAKE program offers customers the opportunity to buy a refurbished bike that has been thoroughly inspected, overhauled and given the Cake stamp of approval. Each bike will be equipped with exclusive, re:CAKE signature, green front fenders and print details, discreetly signalling the deliberate choice made by its new owner. Initially, bikes that have been used by Cake for marketing purposes will be offered through the program. The availability of models will vary over time and pricing along with warranty terms will be set individually, on the basis of age and condition.For more information or to sign up to be one of the first re:CAKE owners, please visit

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