Which New Cars Have the Longest Waiting Lists?

This is actually quite useful to anyone working in car claims. Motoreasy has collated which cars have the longest waiting times, as in a brand new model. No point in keeping a hire agreement going for months if the waiting time on a particular spec is longer than the queue for a white dial Rolex Daytona.

Here’s the word;

Nissan Qashqai has the shortest lead time 

If you’re looking for a new car, the Nissan Qashqai is your safest bet for a quick turnaround with the family-friendly SUV taking just 13 weeks between purchase and delivery. Starting from £25,505, the latest Qashqai Visia model is packed full of on-board tech and extra room, as well as having rear doors that open to 85 degrees making them ideal for child and baby seats.

The low delivery time may be thanks to the Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd headquarters being based in the North East of England, resulting in vehicles spending less time spent in transit. However, the wait time doesn’t translate for all of the Nissan range with the Juke taking 26 weeks and the Leaf being up to 34 weeks.

Testing Your Patience

Volvo XC40. You’ll be waiting a year or so to get one. It’s Chinese you see, not Swedish.

The joint winners are the Volvo XC40 ( petrol hybrid or full EV) and the Audi e-Tron pure electric sports model. These are currently scheduled at a one year wait time, which begs the question at the dealership; will the battery pack be a year old when I receive this `new’ car? Worth asking we reckon.

Other lengthy times include 41 weeks on the VW ID3 electric, 34 weeks for a Nissan Leaf and 26 weeks on a Jaguar i-Pace. All of which highlights the weak supply chain of slave labour, rare earth minerals and long distance shipping around the globe, which underpin the supposed `green’ electric car market.

If you do want to go full EV then Tesla has a typical 14 week wait time, which isn’t too bad.

As regards old school petrol/diesel models, the Audi A3 is within your grasp after 39 weeks, or how about a 32 week wait for a Toyota Yaris? Nah, you’d just buy a Kia instead. It’s just 20 weeks for the family SUV soft-roader Sportage but we assume there is not much of a wait on a city Kia like the Kia Picanto, which isn’t mentioned on the Motoreasy roll call.

New Audi A3 Sportback

Duncan McClure-Fisher, CEO at MotorEasy said: ‘’The waiting list for cars is at an all-time high. With delays caused by the ongoing global pandemic and staff absence, the semiconductor shortages, and now the crisis in Ukraine, people are waiting longer and longer for new vehicles to make it onto the roads. Drivers can avoid the wait by opting to lease a car or buy a second-hand vehicle or even keep their current vehicle until the chip shortage is due to improve in 2023.”


MotorEasy contacted dealers and manufacturers to request the factory lead times for the top 20 cars in the UK and the top ten EVs using Department for Transport data 2021 data from January to September. Given wait times are an estimate and may be longer or shorter depending on changes to the ongoing situations.

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