Which Cars Are Most Likely to Pass Their First MoT?

The Bill Plant Driving School have studied Department for Transport data to look at which car models have the highest and lowest MOT pass rates. They’ve also looked at which car faults are the most common, which is handy to know when assessing the overall breakdown/claims risk at the point of quote.

In top place for pass rates at MoT time is the Peugeot 108 city car on 85% or therabouts. Close behind is the Mini Cooper, which is a prestige sports car compared to the humble Pug 108, so it highlights that owner income isn’t the defining factor.

The Skoda Citigo and VW Up – essentially the same car – came in at almost 84% too.


When it comes to lower pass percentages the Toyota Yaris is in the bottom three at 69.75 and frankly that shocks IE mag as we always rated the older Yaris models as typically reliable and durable long term. The Suzuki Alto is down at the bottom with 68.9% and to be fair, it’s very much a budget car built down to a developing world price.

When it comes to repair and fault searches on Google, Bill Plant found that mystery engine problems were most searched, followed by brakes, then seat belts. We wonder if the question of having a legal excuse for NOT wearing a belt, rather than a fault with the belt mechanism is the prompt for the majority of those searches.

Read the research in full here.




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