Cats More Expensive To Own Than Dogs, Says Savoo

Some interesting findings in this research from Savoo. Are cats really more expensive to own than dogs, or are the owners just more likely to find extra disposable income to lavish on their pets? Does every dog need training or can some owners actually train the dog using You Tube and common sense? In general it costs about £140 a year to insure a dog, and about £75 to insure a cat, although the breed and the age of the animal make a huge difference. In many respects dogs are more expensive to own than self-sufficient cats, who are often smart enough to figure out where they can get free food locally. Just saying.

Insurance Costs

Brands like Many Pets and Covea, who include video vet consultations, have been trying to modernise the pet insurance market in the UK. Waggel, who specialis in dog insurance over a lifetime, have developed a policy which has care and vet treatment built into the end of life stages. It’s a more realistic approach for some dog owners, plus Waggel have personal claims handlers on their app, so you get updates as conditions are treated. Sometimes value beats a cheaper price – worth thinking about.

Many people choose a rescue pet, as insurance cover is generally free and so this is a cheaper way for older people to have a companion pet in their lives, wihout the worry of large vet bills. Some rescue animals need more emotional involvement of course, the greatest expense is time – if you can’t give that, don’t get a pet.

Here’s some extracts from the Savoo research;

Savoo has analysed the total costs you can expect to pay to own one of the UK’s most popular cat or dog breeds, analysing the cost to buy vs. adopt, food, insurance, grooming, toys, booster vaccine and litter costs, as well as training classes, and bedding. The study also analyses cities in Europe and the UK to determine the best destinations to raise your latest addition to the family. You can view the study here.

Having a pet is a popular choice for many, but before making the commitment to get your own it’s important to consider all of the financial costs involved across their lifetime and how much more you could be paying for certain breeds.

The average cost of a cat vs. dog across their lifetime

Lifetime cost

Annual cost

Monthly cost

First 12 months











Whilst many may think dogs require more financial maintenance, our research reveals that cats are significantly more expensive, costing a staggering £23,077 over their lifetime, compared to dogs at £17,848.

Bulldogs rank as the most expensive dog breed to own



Lifetime cost

Annual cost

Monthly cost

First 12 months














Golden Retriever












Labrador/ Retriever





Bulldogs rank as the most expensive dog breed, costing a staggering £24,207 across their lifetime, just over £5,000 less than the average UK annual salary of £29,600. Not only is this breed the most expensive to buy as a puppy, averaging at £4,241, insurance costs make Bulldogs particularly pricey, stacking up to £12,522 across their 12 year life span.

Rottweilers rank as the second most expensive dog breed, costing over £20,000 across their lifetime. Golden Retrievers rank as third most expensive, with a lifetime cost of £20,004

On the other end of the scale, German Shepherds rank as the most affordable dog breed for future pet owners, costing just £13,811 across their 11 year lifetime, followed by Beagles (14,175) and Dachshunds (£14,749).

Savannah cats rank as the most expensive breed to own

Savannah cats are one of the largest cat breeds, costing owners more than any other feline at £1,077 as a kitten. Interestingly, the average cost to adopt a Savannah cat is £300, the second cheapest of all breeds for those looking to save money. Due to its size and lifespan of 15 years, food costs alone for this cat will reach over £7,000 (£7,026).

Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats come in second and third most expensive at £26,449 and £24,363 across their lifetime respectively.

Of all 10 breeds analysed, just two cost under £20,000, with the British Shorthair coming out as the most affordable, costing an average of £16,926 across its lifetime. Bengal and Siamese cats come in as the second and third cheapest costing £17,398 and £22,702 respectively.

Ed Fleming, Managing Director at Savoo comments:

“Overall, owning a pet can be very expensive, therefore it’s imperative that we keep in mind all potential costs before owning one of our own. Savoo has plenty of voucher options available to help cut the costs of keeping a pet, including deals on pet food, supplies and even pet insurance to help animal lovers look after their beloved pets in the best way possible, without breaking the bank.”

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