Insuring Gas/Oil Exploration? New Mobile Rig Safety Unit Deployed

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Rick Parish, the founder and former chairman of Marine & Offshore Group (M&O Group) ­recently announced that his company Aquarius Global has launched a new mobile safety training system that is set to raise the standards and the benchmark yet again for offshore safety training globally.

As both the EU and UK are finally waking up to the reality that green energy simply isn’t reliable and ends up being extremely expensive for consumers, it might be the case that more gas and oil exploration is carried out.

Perhaps this dash for gas will not take place in Western economies for political reasons, but global production needs to rise if the overall demand for energy is going to be met. That means new rigs, some of which will be located at sea. It also means they need insurance, which poses a tricky ESG/Net Zero riddle for insurance brands. Do Lloyd’s coverholders offer policies on essential oil and gas supply, or will they side with the Greens and stand aside while older people freeze to death this winter? Doing the `right’ thing all depends on your point of view.

Meanwhile, for those insurers – probably Indian and Chinese – who do want to insure oil and gas exploration, it’s worth noting that a mobile rig safety system has been developed. Details below.

Mobile Offshore Safety Training (MOST) – a subsidiary of Parish’s investment and holding company Aquarius Global – has developed the “INSITU” system, which will once again redefine the nature of offshore safety training using the latest technology and simulations with state-of-the-art equipment, advanced techniques and procedures, coupled with world class safety training instruction.

The new INSITU mobile safety training system prepares all personnel operating on oil platforms, oil rigs and drilling decks for a wide range of emergency safety training whilst offshore and onshore. Critically, it also provides valuable safety training while personnel are being transported between the offshore and onshore installations, preparing for a range of emergency scenarios, ranging from helicopters ditching, survival mode in the sea, to emergency life raft deployment and failure.

The specialist modular training platform means that any configuration can be constructed to the clients’ specific requirements, from a basic training facility to a more advanced full-scale option. The training planforms can also include dedicated classroom facilities if required with any combination of training scenarios delivered to the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) standard.

The standard training centre resource includes:

A 10-metre heated pool complete with a Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) system and heli-winch simulator

Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC) emergency lifeboat training module including a separate pool with boarding platforms

Fire extinguisher and self-rescue module including smokehouse

Equipment servicing facilities

Pool pumps, heaters and filtration equipment

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