Tour de Insurtech 2022 Stage Three: Tyred Out

The third Stage of the Tour de Insurtech was a trial of sorts. Sure every cyclist knows you get a puncture now and then, but five flatties on one ride??

As Genasys Tech Co-CEO Andre Symes (pictured below in mid-repair mode) related; “I was riding along chatting with Russ about how great modern tryes and tubes were getting, how punctures were not such a big problem. Then yeah, you guessed it, we both realised we had punctures within ten minutes. In total five riders were affected by the dreaded flat tyre syndrome. So the Stage really became a rolling repair shop.”

The Nottingham Stage was organised by the team from Percayso-Inform, a data specialist company based in the city centre. Stage leader Rich Tomlinson took the yellow jersey for this afternoon ramble around the lanes of Nottinghamshire, plus a check in at famous sporting landmarks like the City and Forest football grounds, plus the Trent Bridge cricket stadium.

The ride was scheduled for just over three hours, but the tyre problems meant it was a dusk finish for the intrepid cyclists, drawn from the world of insurtech. The event is all about fun, some headspace away from the desk or laptop, plus the challenge of two wheels.

Like insurance, it’s sometimes about problem solving, which is why one Tour de Insurtech rider Chris Carney noted that he is now using Gatorskins, with some slime in the inner tubes to stop those deflationary moments.

That is an ideal roadside workshop, has to be said!

Your IE Editor has suffered plenty of punctures in the past and considered fitting solid rubber tyres to his electric commuter bike, but apparently they offer lots of rolling resistance, so basically slow the bike down. When the ride ends at Dynamo in Putney on Saturday, there may well be some tech chat on tubes and puncture resistance.

The Tour is scheduled to loop around Bristol today, then travel from Bristol to Reading tomorrow, where IE will be grabbing a quick word with some of the riders plus pics n video.

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