Hey These Would Be Great For BIBA 2023

Never too early to start thinking about BIBA 2023 around these parts. So when we saw this press release from Belgium we realised that this could be – alongside the classic cars – a neat way to transfer people around central Manchester while the BIBA Conference is happening. Just saying, we aren’t on commission or anything.

Here’s the word;

 EasyMile has won a project worth €4 million for a fleet of autonomous shuttles at Belgian tourist site Terhills. The shuttles will run 7 days a week, for up to 10 years.

The new service includes a complete transport system, validated safety, and progression to Level 4 of autonomous driving (completely removing any human supervisor from onboard). This is a further signal of maturity in the demand for autonomous shuttles. EasyMile came out on top of a European tender process, undergoing a thorough technical, financial and legal assessment.

©LRM The shuttles will cover a 2.5 km route connecting the attractions of the Terhills Hotel, to the Terhills Resort and the future walking and cycling bridge over the large lake. They will initially run for 8 hours a day (with the ability to extend this), with the waiting time for passengers at the various stops a maximum of 10 minutes. The system can be expanded to 5 or 6 shuttles, with each stop served every 4 minutes during the busiest hours of the day. This will be thanks to a smart fleet management and booking tool developed by Ush. They are a Belgian company belonging to the Lab Box start-up studio supported by D’Ieteren Automotive, and have been part of all autonomous shuttles deployments on public roads in the country.

Tim De Ceunynck, Project Manager Mobility at LRM: “This project is unique thanks to two core ambitions: fully driverless and long-term. We will collect user data and feedback from users to substantiate the business case. We expect the system to be competitive with a classic manned bus.”


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