Wiser Academy Joins The UCAS Register

Wiser Academy, the leading training provider, has been appointed to the UCAS register, the only training company in the UK to be on the UCAS roster. According to Crescens George, CEO, the move will enable Wiser Academy to become a talent feeder for brokers, loss adjusters and insurers.

“We will be able to reach out to young school, college leavers with training opportunities and directly market the various job opportunities available to them from and on behalf of our clients,” said Cres, who explained:

“We want to give leavers more choice. Insurance is a fantastic profession but it needs to work harder selling itself to young talent. Through UCAS we can now create a direct line for young people into insurance.”

Cres pointed to recent research which found that nearly all UK brokers are running with vacancies. 98% of brokers currently have a vacancy and 53% of vacancies have been open for four months or more.

“Our industry’s habit of eating itself by recruiting from the same talent pool is on the rise, skewing the job market and driving wage inflation. We need to collectively walk away from the talent rat race and introduce some fresh new thinking into the mix, and direct recruitment from UCAS could be one of a number of solutions.”

He added: “The great resignation, post pandemic, has also seen unprecedented numbers of experienced insurance people leave the industry, and that gap needs urgently plugging.”

“We will represent our insurer, adjusting and broking clients insurance businesses with their job vacancies, recruit education leavers and train them for insurance qualifications via apprenticeships and commercial pathways. I’m keen to hear from brokers and others who would like vacancies posted onto UCAS.”

There were 750,000 applications for full-time undergraduate places through UCAS in 2021, a new record level. Around 560,000 of these applicants were accepted.

Cres said: “Wiser Academy is targeting 500 new recruits through UCAS during the next 12 months. We believe offering an alternative pathway, which incorporates both training for qualifications and a salary, will prove highly attractive.”

He said he expects to announce the first group of vacancies in November.

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