Bdeo Offers Visual Intel on Vehicle Accident Damage

One of the big problems in speeding up live claims in the commercial vehicle sector is getting the damage accurately estimated, parts priced up and the right specialist repair shop organised. So any way that tech like smartphone video and photo apps can assist is a good thing we think. Here’s the word;

Bdeo, has launched a new Visual Intelligence solution to accurately and reliably assess damage and estimate costs for vehicle fleets. This new solution automates the ongoing monitoring of vehicle conditions and assessment of damaged parts, eliminating many of the tedious manual and paper-based fleet management processes that still exist today.

For large leasing and renting, rent-a-car, and subscription fleets, inspecting individual vehicles consumes a significant amount of time and resources, from manual inspections to identify any damage to taking photos and estimating repair or replacement costs. Furthermore, the time that vehicles spend in a garage waiting for manual assessment is time that could be spent generating income.


Bdeo’s Visual Intelligence solution streamlines the evaluation of vehicles, whether it’s during an ongoing contract or after a contract is completed, to provide real-time insights on mileage, vehicle condition, and any possible damages. Through a self-guided and personalized process, the end user, such as a receiving agent, can capture any evidence of vehicle damage without the need to download any apps. Bdeo’s Visual Intelligence engine then processes the evidence, which may include exterior and odometer images, to produce an assessment of the vehicle with the damage identified and classified by type – all in a matter of seconds. The platform can also compare images with the previous condition of the same vehicle.

Bdeo’s solutions for fleet management are just the latest in a suite of products that make processes more agile and convenient, reduce fraud, and help companies deliver a fully-optimized and digital experience to their customers. Over the past year, the company has grown more than 450%, and is now working with over 50 motor and home insurance companies in 20 countries.

“We are delighted to be offering our Visual Intelligence solutions to fleet companies, helping them spend far less time on repetitive tasks, inspections and evaluations” said Julio Pernia Aznar, Co-founder and CEO of Bdeo. “By streamlining all of these processes with our AI-powered solution, fleet owners can see an immediate impact on business productivity, customer satisfaction and generate important savings, which is crucial during this inflationary environment.”

Depending on the parameters set by the fleet management company, Bdeo’s platform can calculate and deliver reports on the cost to repair or exchange parts, indicate whether or not a vehicle is fit to be leased again, and even recommend the B2C selling price of the vehicle if it is no longer suitable for renting or leasing. This level of automation allows fleet managers to expedite the review process from the moment vehicles are returned by the customer drastically, and make them available again in a matter of minutes rather than days.

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