Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Board Portals, But Were Afraid to Ask

Most companies in this era grow mostly not because of innovative ideas but because of increased organization and execution of already prepared ideas. It is fairly obvious that traditional video conferencing tools are simply not sufficient for the top administrative staff. For example, the popular Zoom and Google Meets come with security breaches and a legal contract that are not suitable for confidential meetings involving aspects such as financial statement discussions, strategic focus, and product or service innovations. Take a look at comparison of board of directors portal software and you’ll understand what you’ll really need in the end.

We’re not even talking about the fact that, at this point, the aforementioned offerings don’t provide a comprehensive toolkit for conducting truly effective meetings. You only see interactive whiteboards and automatic charting in boardroom portals, which are the heart and brain of most modern companies.

Today we’re going to talk about just that and look through the availability of exceptional virtual board software features to see how it affects the workflow and really makes it many times easier by automating and bringing something new to the table.

Boardroom Portals, an Introduction

The boardroom portal is a multifunctional tool for every modern business that will significantly improve both meetings and the bottom line. Here you can find either a built-in in-house conferencing development or existing technology that runs on Google, Microsoft, or other global servers.

The very essence of the online board meeting is not even to provide quality video communication between employees, but even that is performed unconditionally. The essence of this software is enhanced security, the use of its own secure storage for the documents used during the meeting, and the fact that a rational solution to any questions for the administrative or senior staff will be found using several dozen tools. You can discover the functions and the tools themselves if you read on.

That is, the very essence of this software is to automate and provide an exclusive solution without the use of paper in the workplace. It really is an exceptional phenomenon that, unfortunately, most companies find already in a state of overworked workflow and exhausted employees. In any case, virtual boardroom can fix this if you haven’t already driven your company into bankruptcy.

What Features Should You Emphasize?

The boardroom portal actually has excellent features for holding productive discussions. The only method of operation for this kind of application is cloud computing. Additionally, firewalls and other physical technologies that are easy to breach or go through without physical assistance safeguard these third-party servers.

The following characteristics, which are present in practically all boardroom portal examples, need special attention:

● Paperwork is no longer necessary with one paperless meeting solution. This is correct, because all documentation will now be housed on secure cloud servers. This is actually beneficial for two reasons. The first reason is that your documents will remain with you even in the event of a flood or fire. The second argument is that you won’t have to spend extra money on ink or paper to print it. Any user may access their account using an app or a browser and view the document they choose. If he needs to sign something, he uses an e-signature. Everything becomes exceedingly simple, and paperwork no longer consumes a significant amount of time.

● A versatile in-house security solution that aids in the prevention of data breaches. Conferences are recorded and saved on secure servers in a safe environment. You may assign security responsibilities to each particular group or person, preventing them from viewing papers from other departments. If that isn’t enough, you may have each employee’s behavior monitored. You will eventually become aware of any modifications, revisions, and attempts to erase data from your system. The normal employee will not be able to accomplish this, but if a user with higher access deletes your papers, they will be deleted until they can be restored, if required, with backups.

● Meeting performance and efficiency analytics. This is another fundamental aspect that differs depending on the program provider. Some use artificial intelligence, while others rely totally on physical labor. With this tool, you may go through each individual meeting and find anything new or make notes for the next time you meet. Meeting efficiency and turnaround time are greatly increased when using a board portal.

A Brief FAQ on Boardroom Portals Products

What is the pricing policy for these programs?

Pricing policies can depend on many factors, but there are also stable subscriptions with no shadow spending. You should review each individual offer in as much detail as possible and read the contract carefully before signing. It is in the legal documents that contains all the information that can come up unexpectedly after a while if you don’t read it carefully.

Do the features differ greatly from one program to another?

In some cases it is critically different. If you compare a cheap board management software with an expensive one, the functions can differ drastically, as if it were a completely different type of program. You should orient yourself with how much you’re willing to spend and what features you need, and then study the offer market.

Why can’t you just use Zoom?

Because it’s not secure, it doesn’t have secure storage and your data is stored on their servers in an unencrypted form. That’s the minimum set at which you should already refuse to use in a secret enterprise environment.

Can you continue to use file storage like Google Drive?

You can very well do that. Even though the board portal software is not a data file repository, there are still options there for storing documentation in a secure format. Unfortunately, there may not be enough space for that, so we suggest you also look at VDRs, which are secure tools for storing files and documents.

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